Nov 17

The Best FinDom Online $ Niteflirt Love


We all know I’m the best findom online! I don’t fucking pretend to take your money and make your wife cry. I pride Myself on giving you…

a fucking authentic experience … which requires taking WAY MORE than you planned to spend. And not only do I like rubbing your little snouts in it, I love making the sad, sad, welfare queen findoms of the internet cry and feel like the losers they really are. So what better way than posting My current Niteflirt leaderboard? So here’s My Top 10*!

Read ‘em and weep, you stupid cunts. I take what I want when I want it. And I have never, nor will I ever, give a fuck. You will kiss My ass and be grateful that I even let your life revolve around Me.

Don’t like it?


*I do need to note that I’m a little pissed off because this current leaderboard does not reflect two important and substantial sources of cold, hard cash: 1. this does not reflect the numerous whales that have spent tons of cash and deleted their Niteflirt accounts. (You morons know how frequent that is!) And 2. this does not reflect other premium pigs that have been permitted alternative financing options. (I don’t have to name names here … everyone knows.)


Porsha Rajal

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