Dec 09

Forced Intox Mistress Tributes $ Niteflirt Domme


As you are aware, I have many relationships with a bevy of sissies, cucks, paypig losers, forced intox degenerates, cum-eating submissives, homewrecking victims, blackmail whores, and many other fabulously sexy, submissive boyfriend types that really enjoy Me. (Not surprisingly, I also have a very large contingency of …

alpha-male types that want to roll around with their social and intellectual equal.) Any of these men that have been involved with Me for any notable amount of time know that I am fanatical about My femininity. You boys understand that when it comes to My hair, clothing, nails, feet, perfume, handbags, shoes, and makeup that no expense is spared. I love being a woman. And I love smelling great and having soft skin and hair that smells like heaven. My femininity is an essential part of who I am.Financial-Domme-Tributes-Cash-Princess-Money-Mistress-02



And you guys know that I LOVE blowing cash at Sephora on the finest creams and powders that money can buy. Nothing says Princess quite like walking out into the world being scented, powdered, and oiled with delicious, girly confections that exceed the cost of the average American house payment. At this point My makeup collection, excluding brushes, is probably worth about $5000.00 USD. At some point, I’m going to have to take more pictures of the entire collection for this site. (The sissies have really wanted to see those money shots!) But these are photos of My latest Sephora splurge, which is actually a very small and reasonable splurge, as My Sephora shopping goes. This trip was well under My usual spending on a Sephora spree, which generally lands in the area of $500-$600. This trip came in at a paltry $235.00. And I’m proud to announce that it was financed almost exclusively by Sephora cards sent to Me from My Amazon Wishlist. (Thanks Moonie! I love you lots and I know you’ll “HUFF AND PAY AND HUFF AND PAY!”)Financial-Domme-Tributes-Cash-Princess-Money-Mistress-05



I’m not going to make this some stupid makeup review about what I got, except to say that everything in this box is positively divine and these particular items are shining examples of what luxury makeup is about – from packaging to product. Make no mistake, makeup is war paint for modern women. And you boys know that I don’t go to war half-assed. Accordingly, I have only the best war paint that money can buy. My practice of femininity is a high art and I am forever perfecting My craft. Perhaps if your wife dedicated a bit more time to similar pursuits, she wouldn’t be losing you to Me.




And on a final note, I know it’s the holiday season and that I have to think of those less fortunate that Myself. In that spirit, I saved all the packaging from My new gifts. I figured we could do some community service work for all of the Walmart Dommes and Food Stamp Barbies of the internet. We can get them some of that cheap, gross, drugstore makeup they put on their Amazon wishlists and box it up in these. I mean, the packaging that My makeup came in will be the nicest thing they get all year. So … I’m just giving back where I can.


I love you guys! Keep sending cash and gifts. I never get tired of those. As always, I’ll see you on Niteflirt!

xx – Porsha Rajal

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