Dec 15

Amazing Mistress Love Online $ Niteflirt


I’ve been going through My Niteflirt inbox to try to figure out where I left everyone before I ran off to 987,498 holiday events that started on Thanksgiving and show no sign of stopping. But I ran across this little perfect note, and it reminded Me …

I really like this little monkey. I like him a lot. There’s a lot of chemistry and I want to consume him. It’s definitely a Mistress crush … I think. (Or at least Darling David will see this and get jealous. To think he calls Me a tease! Darling David needs to kick that busted girlfriend out. He knows I’ll make a much more impressive and sparkly, partner wife. Oh well, at least he spends more on Me than her. I hate that hag.) Okay … so back to this little monkey … I feel like maybe it could be good … or perfect … or amazing. I’m excited to find out. I’m pasting the text of his Niteflirt love letter below because the image is small:

Hello Goddess Porsha,

Thank you for speaking with me as long as you did.  I’m sorry to have cut you off, but I’m happy to hear [REDACTED] did so well afterwards with contracting.  If there’s any reason to get out of the military, it’s for a certain financial future. 

You seem like you’re doing very well and I think it’s great you’re really on top of everything you’re doing.  It sounds ridiculous to me when you claim to be the laziest domme on Niteflirt when it seems to me you’re constantly doing a balancing act with all you’re doing.  Then again, it may be you’re just so ahead of the game that your hardly trying beats out these other "dommes" workin’ it like a Saturday night stripper.  Everything you say seems to flow through you so freely and doesn’t come out as uttered garbage like when I try to explain things.  I also like your passion for your pets.  I’m very much a dog person myself and can’t tell you the number of times I’ve wanted to drive down to the pound and get one. 

I can’t believe this…but I just got a call from work!  So much I wanted to blurt out, and now I can’t.

Hope to follow-up soon, perfect Goddess.

More than in lust,


I think I really might want to do bad things to him.

But that’s the beauty of being Me … I get all the love. Some of you are even lucky enough to get some back.

I’ll see you on Niteflirt. xx

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