Dec 15

Financial Domme Tributes $ Money Slavery On Niteflirt


One of the best parts of being one of the best and most successful Financial Dommes online is that I get pretty much whatever I want. Obviously I’m extraordinarily well-equipped to take care of Myself in the vanilla world without you losers, but I fucking love spending money. So unlike your wives and whatever trailer park barbie you were paying before, I get to constantly buy really, really, really, amazingly nice things. And most of you guys know that I’m super serious about My femininity game and that I fucking LOVE expensive makeup. My life coach says I should be nice and do professional makeup for busted bitches. But I totally had to tell her that there was no fucking way I was contaminating My brushes or My super expensive makeup stash with random bacteria or gross skin oil from random skanks. Occasionally I’ll go through My stash and give away things I’m not using to lesser women, but that is fucking rare. Anyways, you guys know I’ve had My eye on this $415 set of makeup brushes for a while now. Obviously, I got what I wanted. And again, I’m not about to turn this into some stupid makeup brush review. Instead, I’ll use it to illustrate a point about you idiots and why you hate your wives. So gather round, morons …


I posted the link to this set and My receipt for purchasing it when I bought it. Immediately one of My newbies messaged in shock with, “Did I see that right? You spent $400 on a set of makeup brushes?”

And I was like, “Ummm … yeah … duh! Frankly, I consider these brushes budget-friendly and I take My makeup game seriously.”


To which he responds, “I bought my wife a full set of makeup for $300 a few years ago. She’s been happy with it ever since.”


My first response was, “That’s disgusting.” And trust Me, it is fucking disgusting … on so many levels. First, budget makeup is fucking disgusting and tacky as fuck. I mean, okay … $300 for a full set of makeup if you’re a fucking streetwalker giving blowies for $15 so you can go buy your next crack rock. So yeah, fuck that. Second, you shouldn’t even fucking keep makeup beyond its expiration date cause you don’t want to be putting foul, bacteria-laden powder on your face that’s gone south. (And ugh … if your whole set of makeup costs $300 I’m quite sure use a toothbrush from the dollar store to apply it and probably never fucking wash your brushes. Nasty bitches.)


So then I pointed out the obvious to My new pet and wrote, “Perhaps this is why you like Me so much better than your wife.” Which … yeah, totally fucking true. Your wives are all gross, unfuckable, undesirable hags that put up with all of your bullshit. Too bad they weren’t born Alpha Female Bitches like Me that demand the best, spend LOTS of time, resources, and effort on Myself, and take NONE of your shit. But … this is why I have so much security. Alpha Female Bitches are born … and they are born rarely. So yay Me. Please enjoy these righteous photos of My new brushes. They are lovely. Also note that a new makeup artist book came, though thus far I think I’ll have to give it to your wife. My skills seem to already be quite a bit higher than the intended audience for this book.



Please also enjoy the photos of My existing set of brushes. I shampoo them religiously and wanted everything squeaky clean before breaking out the new ones. Plus, I’ve been getting new, sealed containers for everything that can be easily sanitized. (More have arrived from My Amazon wishlist, but I’ll show you the pictures later. I’m currently working on organizing My entire stash. It’s quite an operation.) And just FYI, cause you guys aren’t very savvy about the cost of makeup brushes, the photos of the existing brushes are what roughly $1500 in makeup brushes look like. Enjoy! You’ll be buying more soon, I’m sure! xx – Porsha Rajal




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