Dec 25

Money Mistress Tributes $ Submissives Fall In Line

Real-Live-Mistress-Domme-Phone-Chat-Relationship-Dating-Love-Niteflirt-007I love, love, love, love My Money Mistress Tributes! And I’m still cataloging My scores that started right after Thanksgiving. (It’s been a bloody holiday season for you little submissive mongrels in …

 My Niteflirt Slaughterhouse.) And I couldn’t be happier. As many of you know, one of the things I invest in heavily is My perfume collection. And it’s not just because that for Me personally, scent is a very powerful thing. It’s because I’ve also found that I can really fuck with a man’s mind by employing his sense of smell in very unique ways. In fact, I make it a point to discover what scents the powerful men in My life respond to. Some of you are particularly interested in My evil machinations regarding how I fuck with men using their noses. I’m sure at some point I’ll have to make an audio file explaining My goals and methodology.  Real-Live-Mistress-Domme-Phone-Chat-Relationship-Dating-Love-Niteflirt-001But for now enjoy the new additions to My perfume collection. These are from a company that I have loved for many years and they make relatively inexpensive bottles ($40 USD/bottle) without anything smelling cheap. And I typically use these perfumes to scent everything from My linens to My dogs. So naturally I felt the need to purchase FIVE new bottles of perfume … because I get whatever I want. And you love it. These are delicious single-note fragrances, so I’m easily able to combine and layer them for a scent that is as unique as My fingerprint. I have added other bottles from this line as well as other perfumes to My Amazon wishlist. So if you’d like to contribute to the madness, you may do it there. Until then, I’ll see you on Niteflirt. It’s where I do what I do better than anyone has ever done it. xx – Porsha Rajal






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