Jan 23

Sex, Drugs, and Gambling $ Forced Intox Games

3d old bear trap on white

There’s nothing I love better than getting you guys wasted with forced intox and playing fun games to get you gambling your asses off! I always have personally defined financial domination as sex gambling! And you boys know I’m a loyal Spurs fan and I start seriously paying attention to the NBA after the start of the new year. Now normally, I am opposed to sports gambling and bets with regard to the Spurs because I feel like it sullies the pure nature of My team. (I also don’t typically bet on basketball during the regular season for a variety of reasons that I won’t go into here.) But, one of My favorite Aussie poppers sluts messaged Me on Niteflirt with a gambling and forced intox proposition …

so fun, that I’ve agreed that we’ll play ball.

Here’s his email (I’ll post the text below in case the image is too small):


It Reads:

I’m not a huge NBA fan as I’m from Australia, not America.  But I’ve been a Golden State fan since the 90s.  Nothing compared to the level of commitment you have to your Spurs of course.  However, i thought we could do something a little fun…

I was thinking we have a bet.  Our teams play each other on Monday…  If Golden State win, nothing happens.  This is a very lob-sided bet!  However, if the Spurs win i will:

– Lock my cock in my chastity cage

– Order some poppers

– Not be permitted to unlock until I’ve been had as many sniffs on the phone with you as points golden state lost by.  So if they lose by 10 points, i owe you 10 sniffs.

I thought it would be a pretty fun idea.  I’m sure you want the Spurs to win enough as it is (it’s going to be a really big game!) but maybe this might add a tiny little bit extra to it for you 🙂

Actually, it would be much much better if i already had the poppers, right?  Then i can call you immediately after i lose the bet.  Hmmmm i guess i can order them now.  I’m sure i have the willpower to just throw them away if i happen to win the bet, right?


Naturally I was tantalized by the prospect and couldn’t resist … so I responded with My own modifications to the bet:


I love the game, obviously. It sounds fun as hell and totally like something that needs to go on the blog and Twitter. I’ll play for $100 upfront. Lemme know and I’ll send you the pay mail and post it up for the other losers to see. (They love it when I Spurs tweet.) The only modifications I would insist on are as follows:

In the point spread, if Golden State loses you’ll owe Me three times as many huffs as points lost.

If the game goes into OT, # of huffs owed increases by a factor of 4.

If the game goes into double OT, # of huffs owed increases by a factor of 5.


And I am proud to report that My modifications to the gambling proposal have been accepted and the fee has been paid. So Monday night you morons better be rooting for the Spurs!

If this goes well, I may be open to other games in this vein.

You are welcome to send your proposals to Me on Niteflirt. xx – Porsha Rajal


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    • Donald Trump's Comb Over on February 17, 2016 at 4:29 pm
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    i will be a spurs fan for you

    • Paul T. Falotico on April 8, 2016 at 4:39 pm
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    Goddess, I agree the spurs are the second best team in the league. Second only to the powerful champs, Golden State. And while most people would think of second play as an
    a quite accomplishment, I prefer to think of second place as The first loser!! The worriers
    are going to have to add an extension to their trophy case!! Best of luck to the second place spurs. 🙂

    1. We are a Dynasty.
      When Golden State can claim that mantle, you are free to talk all the trash you want.
      But at present, I could build you a life size Stephan Curry out of Spurs championship rings and have plenty leftover.
      In closing, shut your hole.
      And don’t ever try to link to VS through My site.
      I wouldn’t let My dogs chew up lingerie from that shithole.

  1. […] while I was royally pissed that the Spurs were taking it up the ass tonight and I lost this gamble, I am pleased with the silver lining […]

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