Jan 25

You Hate Your Wife $ Get A Real Hot Mistress


I love homewrecking and humiliating your wife. It’s entirely too easy to make that stupid, boring hag look like the very last thing you’d ever want to fuck. For Christ sake, most of you are even embarrassed to take that dumb bitch around your family. And I won’t even get into how humiliating professional functions and office parties are with that tubby, chubby, plain jane standing next to you. It’s enough to make you wish you lived in one of those shitholes where women are forced to cover themselves from head-to-toe. At least that way you wouldn’t have to feel like a total failure because everyone can see that you married a total cow. But I always find the best way to demonstrate that you wife is a sad, boring hag …

is just to be Myself. And frequently I find Myself making fabulously feminine purchases that effortlessly demonstrate the stark difference between Me and that you hag you have to go home to every night.

Today My massive shipment of eyelashes arrived. That fuckface moron, Moonie, immediately wondered, "Jesus, how many do you need?"Homewrecking-Domme-Homewrecker-Fantasy-Beautiful-Mistress-02

The answer to that question is obviously, "DUH! I need a fuckload!" Unlike your stupid haggard wife that has probably never even thought about wearing false eyelashes, I wear two or three pair at a time. After all, when I’m going out to meet men and go on dates, I make sure I’m the most desirable thing they’ve ever seen. And extremely dramatic lashes are a fantastic way to mesmerize men. They’re so stupid that it never crosses their mind that you have a bunch of lashes glued to your eyelids. So they just stand there staring and talking about how beautiful your eyes are and asking questions about how you look so amazing. Fucking morons. Point being …


Your wife would NEVER order false eyelashes, much less order them in bulk. Why? Cause she’s a boring, old hag that looks the part. She’s lost her sparkle. And she’s doing everything to make sure you lose yours too. That’s why you come looking for Me … you need the ultimate, stunning hot Goddess Bitch Mistress. And every last one of you loves spoiling Me rotten because I am exactly what you want; when you’re with Me you finally feel like a man again.

Don’t worry, I love you too. xx – Porsha Rajal

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    • Donald Trump's Comb Over on February 17, 2016 at 4:29 pm
    • Reply

    please be my homewrecker
    my wife is gross
    she doesn’t wear makeup

    i want to rub my tiny wee wee with your used eyelashes

    • simple pervert on February 22, 2016 at 2:00 am
    • Reply

    Little Spoiled Princess with bright eyes adorned by ridiculously long, sexy lashes. I could die there.

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