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How To Meet A Real Domme

Leadership Prisoner

I meet a lot of men that want to meet a Real Domme, like Me. Sadly, a significant portion of those men are not at all prepared to actually … you know … meet a Real Domme. At this point, all of you are well aware of the fact that I obviously run the fucking show and either you do what I tell you to do or you get thrown to the welfare queen dommes and Appalachian barbie princesses of the world. And you know I don’t give two shits about it one way or another because I’m well-served by many men with whom I share very strong, important, and real connections. I am not authoring this post to rehash the numerous I-Don’t-Tolerate-Topping-From-The-Bottom scripted rants out there. (For the record, I always believe that there is a give and take in any relationship. Even the most cursory reading of Foucault will teach you that power is fluid. Domination and power exchange relationships do not happen in a vacuum … at least not ones with any depth or authenticity.) But I digress …

Earlier someone contacted Me that was solidly in the category of “losers that need to go find a coin-operated whore.” You boys know I’m an expert at reading the twisted tea leaves of our little fetish world and I can see an entitled asshole coming, usually in the first sentence he writes to Me. But tonight I invited this loser for a moment of “free chat” because I absolutely knew the script this idiot would be working from and I felt the lesson could be used for My own purposes here. (I also feel like it will help inform your larger view of how I operate.) Please enjoy this lesson in How Not To Meet A Real Domme … or at least how not to approach Me. (It was cut short at the end because My love, Nathan, called and we did have a lovely, lengthy phone conversation that was a mixture of everything wonderful.) Without further adieu, I present your lesson in Me. xx – Porsha Rajal

Irrelevant Loser: Hi this is Jim from Niteflirt. Sorry it took me a second, messenger wasn’t working right…

porsha.rajal: Go ahead.

porsha.rajal: And I’m just going to go ahead and tell you out of the gate that it pretty much seems like you’re looking for someone to dance for you the way you want her to dance … I hope that’s not the case, because I do something very different. But you’re already approaching Me with an attitude about what you can get. And if you have already read My site I find it hard to believe that you have serious questions about Me.

Irrelevant Loser: Well I know I can be a great slave, maybe one of the best, for you. I was hoping you could show me first hand how your sessions work compared to other mistresses. No I’m not trying to waste your time, I will pay you now to start a session.

Irrelevant Loser: You can dance however you want to..

porsha.rajal: I don’t typically designate a separate time as “session.” My attitude about this is that we, together, go on a journey. I have relationships. Long ones. YIM can be for purposes of getting to know someone in some ways, but I don’t typically “session” at all and I surely wouldn’t out of the gate on YIM for a cut rate. Basically, I AM … and we either click and create something wonderful and new or I don’t like you and you can go elsewhere.

Irrelevant Loser: Let’s click and create something amazing then

porsha.rajal: Men approach Me because they want something new and profound and brilliant and unscripted … they want a journey. That’s what I do. I don’t “session.” I am the session.

porsha.rajal: Okay, well you’ve approached me after reading My site with some level of attempt to negotiate. I’ll go ahead and pretend that didn’t happen and actually give you a chance. I do encourage you to fill out your regular application for service, but you certainly have a very small amount of limited space here to interest Me.

Irrelevant Loser: Hearing that doesn’t sound to good…

porsha.rajal: “too”

Irrelevant Loser: Yes, too. You’re right. Sorry again!!

porsha.rajal: Well you must know by now that I am a very demanding woman and that it’s a sign of respect to Me when you do things as I have set them up. You chose to go outside of that framework. I’m giving you a shot to tell Me who and what you are … you’re welcome to run with it or go elsewhere.

Irrelevant Loser: “Now.” What would it take for us to interact tonight?

porsha.rajal: You’re free to call. You’re free to pay the YIM rate. I will be sitting here for a while.

Irrelevant Loser: I’ll pay the YIM rate. Can’t call right now.

Irrelevant Loser: I am now. Just wondering though, what would a typical YIM convo consist of with you?

porsha.rajal: It consists of a conversation with Me.

porsha.rajal: You want something scripted, you can find that everywhere else. I believe I’ve been clear on this point.

Irrelevant Loser: Just for 150 I want to know what will happen. Sorry for all the questions. Simply put, would you hypnotize me into your money slave, and instruct me (if you see fit) to stroke and release???

porsha.rajal: I’m sorry. I think you need to go elsewhere. You have been conditioned to accept very silly versions of actual domination. And you clearly think your money entitles you to something from Me. It does not. I suggest you find a woman that promises to play one of these scripts. Though you’re welcome to My mp3 collection, they are quite unique and quite powerful and have sent many down a great/awful road. Maybe those are a better place for you to entertain yourself.

Irrelevant Loser: Okay I’m sorry Goddess Porsha. I can’t help what turns me on. You helped condition the behavior by attaching a 150 charge for the yahoo ID. I say that in no disrespect but to only earn yours back. I do want to worship you and sorry but reading about how you abuse all your slaves just makes me want everything that they have..

porsha.rajal: Then you should be aware that they approached Me with an open heart, an open mind, and an open wallet. They did not expect a scripted experience and they did not expect 5 minutes of chat to materialize a real, serious, deep relationship. And most importantly, they did not attempt to negotiate My rates or fail to follow My instructions. Entitled “submissives” are much happier elsewhere.

porsha.rajal: Now piss off … someone I really adore is calling. xx


    • Donald Trump's Comb Over on February 17, 2016 at 4:19 pm
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    pleeeeeeeeeeese cash rape me
    i want to be your pay pig loser

    • simple pervert on February 22, 2016 at 1:24 am
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    Attempting to negotiate with a Goddess. What a dolt. Though the lesson was fun, Miss Rajal. I suspect you could teach us much more.

    1. I can and will.

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