Mar 08

Sensual Domination from THE Financial Domme $ mp3 on Niteflirt



Meet My only orgasm on public record. And everyone loves it when I cum, especially Me. Be advised that I may retire this mp3 audio file soon. (The jury is still out.) But right now, for a limited time, you can get it at a …

ridiculously good bargain price.

The upside of having to redo and update all of My Niteflirt goody bags is that you maggots get the goods almost free, for a very limited time. And hey … if any of you decide to act like shitheads or fail to leave good feedback, I’ll just make sure I put you on the mailing list that gets everything but free stuff and promotional offers. So if I were you, I’d fucking act right. And without further adieu, I give you "Cumming for your Cash: Where your Wallet Meets My Pleasure." The original description is as follows:

One lucky, little pig sent me a brand new magic wand this week … and I took the hint.  In an unusually good mood, I’ve answered the prayers of leaky dicklets everywhere.  For just under 20 minutes, I’ll charm you from My bottom bunk in the ultimate tease and denial.  Listen to Me torment you with My siren song as you kneel by My bottom bunk only to be poked with perfectly manicured toes and have your face pinched by baby, soft feet. Ultimately you’ll be allowed to live the dream of every piglet and listen to your Goddess Bitch sweetly tell you how much your sacrifices and cold, hard cash turns her crank.  Forced to kneel helplessly, you’ll sit inches away while your Princess pleasure herself to the idea of your servitude.

You can buy it HERE!

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    • sisssy6749 on August 4, 2016 at 3:53 am
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    Dear Mistress Porsha,

    Your recording left me breathless, needy, aroused and deeply humiliated. You had me kneel and listen to You pleasuring Yourself, and finally cumming hard, as You tell me how my financial servitude to You turns You on, how cash turns You on, in turn feeding my need to be Your pay pig, to donate to You, serve You in any way that turns You on!

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