May 16

The Poppers Forced Intox Gauntlet $ A Winner


I rereleased one of My very favorite Poppers Forced Intox Games last week. I was calling it "Poppers Russian Roulette," but the fucking Wal-Mart dommes and trailer park princesses of Niteflirt weren’t making any money (as usual) and reported My depraved, twisted, sexy, little cover shot and title. Niteflirt had a fucking cow and said it ran afoul of their rule against offering "games of chance." (Total fucking bullshit!) So I was quickly forced to redo everything and censor the fuck out of My beautiful poppers masterpiece. So from this point forward, I’ll be calling this series "The Poppers Forced Intox Gauntlet." But back to the juicy, most fabulous news …

SOMEONE WON! This poppers mp3 game has existed for quite a while and TONS of wankers have attempted to make it through, only to fail repeatedly. Until last night, nobody had ever actually succeeded in making it to the finish line. In fact, this lusty, little poppers whore attempted the poppers gauntlet a few nights before but didn’t make it far. But the determined little, huff slut came back last night, rested and prepared to try again.

Lo and behold, he gained the coveted title of being the first little poppers slut to make it through. Congrats Mai! I’ll be sending you a Niteflirt mail so you can select your prize. (I’m actually so pleased with this development that I’m going to offer Mai several, prized options that would make any loser squeal.)

Keep huffing and paying, you horny, little poppers whores! I’ll give you a thousand ways to lose it all! xx – Porsha Rajal

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    • simple pervert on November 20, 2016 at 12:46 am
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    I buy Her poppers mp3s even though I don’t partake … I love hearing Her voice and mastery. Perhaps I should begin huffing.

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