Aug 01

Poppers Intox Hypno: Taking You Higher $ Audio Clip

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Alright retards … here’s some delicious Poppers Forced Intox Hypno to hold you over.

Yes, I know you’re all upset because I haven’t been around much. I’ve seen the desperate emails and cry baby notes begging for attention. And I’m aware that you’re really hurt that I haven’t been picking up your phone calls. It makes me laugh. But calm down. I’m here. Sometimes I’m even picking up the phone. And while I don’t get into a hurry about anything during summer, I promise I’ll make an effort to be around on Niteflirt during the dog days of August to collect some tears. As you can imagine, I have a lot to catch up on. You fuckers are ridiculously needy. I will turn your need into cash. Get in line.

In the meantime …

Please enjoy the rerelease of one of My delicious poppers hypno clips. By now, we all know I’m the top Domme when it comes to pulling your brain and life savings out through your nose. I will have something brand spanking new for you in short order. Here are the details on the clip, in case you’re new to partying with Me. Right now, and for a very limited time hereafter, you can get this clip at a bargain basement price. Get on it quickly because it will disappear soon. Love you! xx-Porsha Rajal


Get Poppers Forced Intox Hypnosis & Brainwashing: Taking You Higher Here!

Before I let you hold that bottle of liquid love up to your hungry, little nose, I need you to listen to Me and understand what it is that I’m doing here. You are always of service to something greater than yourself when you’re nipping at My heels. And for Me, you will blindly inhale, on cue, My toxic poison into you. You know it will render you completely vulnerable and drop you into your most basic state. It is one of your most humble and most real methods of ceding any power you may have squarely into My hands. The twin sisters of addiction and compulsive behavior ensure that you’ll do it again, and again, and again, and again.

And that is what I want you to understand. Before I let you hold My bottle up to your nose and huff. I want you to understand that it IS a sacrament in the truest sense; you are taking Me into you and it is bringing us closer. And right now, I just want to take you higher.

Run Time: 11:05
Format: mp3 (Audio Only)
Audience: Forced Intox, Forced Intox – Poppers, Brainwashing, Breath Play, Mind Games and Mental Bondage, Slave Training, Guided Masturbation and JOI, Erotic Hypnosis, Addiction
Scale (1-10): Sensual(1) – Sadistic(10): 2
Scale (1-10): Manipulative(1) – Authoritative(10): 3

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