Sep 18

Cocaine Forced Intox $ Another $1000 for Cash Mistress


There’s blood in the water … and I love using cocaine forced intox sessions to drain your mind and your wallet!

I’ve been away from you pig losers, cocaine sluts, poppers whores, and all-purpose degenerates for a hot minute. But that’s because I really had to dedicate some of My Mistress talents toward spending some of My money, (formerly your money.) I’ve really been treating Myself to lots of new clothes and fabulous salon services. You guys know I’m a greedy, bottomless pit when it comes to the mastery of all things feminine. A lot of you lucky, little shits have first-hand experience in financing My hair, Sephora collection, bags, shoes, perfumes, clothes, and pedicures. Fortunately My life isn’t dependent on waiting until you come along to rub your dick to buy what I want. I take what I want, when I want it … and then I buy what I want or make you buy it. And I would be remiss if I did not mention this lovely, little contribution to My collection plate that Olive Oil made in The Church of Porsha about a week ago. He really is adorable with all that cocaine and booze flowing right up into his skull …


For now, he tries to limit his exposure to My greed by showing up with less than a gram. It’s a smart move, but I can terrorize him and max out his credit cards either way, (as you can see above.) He just happens to prefer death by a thousand paper cuts as opposed to a shot straight to his jugular. And that’s fine by Me. I enjoy the scenic route through fucking your mind and taking what’s in your wallet. As I always like to say, I make it a policy to know the minds I fuck. And well, with Olive Oil it’s just perfect. It’s almost as though I’m right there with my foot on his balls and his wallet in My hands while I reach inside his head and scramble his brains. Frankly, it’s everything that cocaine and forced intox should be … it’s love. I’ll be back in the pig pen this week, dealing with you pathetic slobs. Killing you softly is really a moral and lifestyle choice at this point. I’ll never stop. I would tell you that you better have your wallets out, but you already know the drill. xx – Porsha Rajal

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