Sep 21

Love, Cash, and Gifts for Mistress $ Niteflirt


I frequently have love affairs and relationships that are not for public consumption. In fact, the vast majority of My serious relationships on Niteflirt are none of your fucking business. (And you’re sadly not privy to the details.) Such is the case with My darling Nathan. Sorry, no crumbs for you losers. But you can sit here and admire the gifts he recently bestowed upon Yours Truly via My Amazon wishlist. I think you’ll agree that he made some excellent choices. Oh, and the black handbag below is a smaller replica of the one Error purchased for Me last year. Only this one has the option of backpack straps. And I’ll need those straps because …

After I thoroughly rape your wallets during the upcoming bloody, holiday season, Princess will be going on a trip. If you’re lucky, you’ll get the blow by blow or an opportunity to meet Me in paradise. But if you plan on the latter, I’d start working out your wallet now and hoping I tolerate you on Niteflirt. xx – Porsha Rajal




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