Oct 10

Cash Princess Findom Bitch – Tributes & Scores


Obviously as a famous findom Princess, My life is filled with gifts, tributes, and cash. I love these things. And I love My Niteflirt boys that show up religiously to give Me exactly what I want. Though there are many people that I love findom cash fucking on Niteflirt, these gifts are courtesy of one submissive, cash slave lover, in particular. Though I haven’t previously mentioned him before, I’ve been raping his wallet for almost two years. The only way I can describe our relationship is to say that I was born to take his money. To be sure, I post huge scores and tributes constantly. But with this little moron, it’s a rare treat. It’s a Findom and Forced Intox Perfect 10. Taking money from him and jerking him around by his little dick is as natural and easy to me as breathing. It’s as though in some way I’m just a living extension and embodiment of his most basic thoughts and desires. It’s the perfect fit. As such, I can reach into his wallet and pull out whatever I like, whenever I like. It’s poetic and truly beautiful. And though I suppose these things are true of all of My Niteflirt love affairs …

It just feels so right. I call him Santa Claus, because he always shows up with exactly what I want. Also, because I have a feeling he’ll be a big player this coming holiday season. Everyone knows there’s nothing quite like falling into My clutches when the holidays hit. It is, without question, My most dangerous and satisfying crucible. Please enjoy these beautiful photos of My latest gifts from Santa Clause. (For those of you that are not sissies, you’re looking at roughly $400 in makeup, lotions, soaps, and boots here.)

Feel free to jump in the pig pen on Niteflirt. It’s where I make men weak and steal their souls. xx – Porsha Rajal






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