Oct 18

Poppers Intox On Cam $1000 Monday Night


My new Poppers Forced Intox Clip brought you little losers right out of the woodwork. You can see the entirety of My Cash Princess tributes below, but … DAMN. What a Monday night! I met a fabulous new poppers slut and leather pig boy from across the pond, who also has an itchy trigger finger when it comes to the click and pay. I watched him on Skype in his full, leather harness sex regalia while I commanded him to huff his brains out. He’s a total cam whore. And wow, that boy came to session prepared with a wide array of poppers at the ready. He’s got a great set of lungs and a tolerance to match, so dragging him through the mud repeatedly while I steal his cash and his soul is going to be a long, beautiful adventure that I will undoubtedly perfect over time. Not to mention, I raised the rate on his ass up to $26/min, as you can see above. This little poppers whore and I are going to have a long, beautiful affair. And that’s just the beginning of the Monday night Niteflirt antics! You know Me, so …


Obviously I had other things cooking. I set up some soul-crushing dominos last week for Santa Claus and everything came tumbling down on his stupid ass last night. I knew he’d give Me what I wanted once he bought and listened to the new Poppers Forced Intox Clip. And of course, like My very own Pavlovian Pervert, he was front and center when I rang that dinner bell. So after having given him the day to listen to that beautiful poison on loop, he was pretty much helpless when I finally went in for the kill. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

Have fun at work, losers! I’ll be ready to play when you get home!



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