Jun 18

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PayPig | Niteflirt Phone Sex Forced Intox Financial Domination| Men Are Pigs| The Bacon Factory| thebaconfactory.com| Humiliation Humiliatrix Verbal AbuseMy precious little verbal abuse and humiliation junkies have been begging for another round of extreme first-person verbal abuse and humiliation with Yours Truly.  Don’t worry boys, there’s no end to My hate and disdain for you maggots.  I love bleeding you dry and crushing your pathetic, little souls.  I live to abuse and humiliate you little pussies and put you right where I want you.  I hope you little bitches aren’t sad, depressed, or suicidal when you pick up this little treat.  I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen.  Consume at your own, pathetic risk.

By popular demand, this is another amazing first-person abuse audio by Miss Porsha Rajal. You know there is no substitute for this cruel, sadistic Bitch.  Accordingly, all of you line up for hardcore verbal abuse and humiliation that you can’t find anywhere else.  Enjoy this little offering at your own risk – not for the faint of heart or hopelessly depressed losers out there.  Coming in at just over 4 minutes, this exceptionally cruel and sadistic rant by your favorite Bitch will leave you so emotionally low that you won’t be able to resist paying for redemption.

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