Nov 27

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Devious and cruel erotic hypnosis is such a delicious treat, I know you’ll agree.  And you boys know I love mind control and manipulation.  There’s nothing like using something as sweet, seductive, and therapeutic as hypnosis to really find my way into the recesses of your brain so that I can dig my claws in and watch you scream.  Listen as My hypnotic voice massages your brain and brings you to insanity and back in this hot, mind fuck, erotic hypnosis audio. You’ll be a Porshaholic in no time. Welcome to the rest of your life, loser.

Erotic Hypnosis

I told my friend, a professional psychotherapist, about this audio and asked her what she thought. She responded, “I think you’re scary good.” From the the mouths of babes, the naked truth about your Favorite Diabolical Diva. “Scary good” is an accurate description of this mp3, Porsha’s first publicly-available erotic hypnosis recording. The concept behind this erotic hypnosis and the quality of the end-product are exceptional. There will be no doubt that Porsha is a master of the erotic mind fuck.

The package includes 2 mp3 files – one 20-minute recording that will cage your mind and a short “trigger” file to be used as a substitute for your phone ring tone and any other sounds you are able to replace in your primary living and work environments. In the main recording, Porsha draws on her expertise in public speaking and knowledge of Neuro Linguistic Programming in an effort designed to link two diametrically-opposed states of being to a “trigger.” Listen, feel, and discover the two sides of humanity that Porsha calls forth and unleashes into a war on your mind and soul … if you dare. Enjoy beautiful torture by a wicked, mental manipulatrix.  Click here to buy “Love and Misery.”

Call Porsha for a maddening, erotic, biting experience that you won’t forget. I’m almost always available to take the calls of eager paypig losers ready to circle My supremely twisted and erotic Money Mistress drain.  Did I miss your pathetic, little loser call?  Email Me on NiteFlirt to schedule an appointment.  If you don’t have the balls to speak or like the risk of corresponding to Me while you’re in bed next to your wife or in a business meeting, I’m generally happy to rape your cash cunt via NiteFlirt email.

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