Jun 13

Basic Sissy Training: kimmy Gets her Training Bra

73I really do love all of you sissy fags and cuck sluts. But today I sent kimmy out to get in gear for the summer of love. And that little sissy bitch dropped this hilarious detailing of the events into My Niteflirt inbox today. I couldn’t stop laughing and I’m sure you’ll appreciate her whimsy and effort. (As an aside, if you want My attention, you should show Me this level of effort … and your wallet.) Click through to read the details of kimmy’s adventure at the department store. 

The following conversation occurred at a local JC Penny’s about noon today.

SG == Sales Girl probably in mid twenties
PB == PopperBoi, manly man
SG: Can I help you?
PB: Yes I’m looking for a training bra…
SG: They’re over here, any particular size?
PB: Yes, one that will fit me
SG: <struggling to process this sudden frankness> …
PB: Look, before you freak out or something here’s the deal. Do you follow NBA basketball?
SG: No
PB: Well my girlfriend is this monster Spurs fan, and I’m a fan of the Heat – the opposing team in this big deal tournament. They’re the sole survivors, right?
PB: Well the Heat had their asses handed to them last night so my girlfriend turns to me and says, “If the Heat are going to play like a bunch of little girls then their fans should dress the part, dontcha think?” And after a bunch of back and forth negotiating this and that here I am, bra shopping. Buy the ticket, take the ride.
SG: Huh?
PB: Its something Hunter S Thompson said, my girlfriend expresses it a little more clearly, “Pay to play.” So, yeah, I’m going to do this.
SG: :looking me over: Well there’s no way you’re going to fit into a training bra!
PB: What alternatives do we have then? The only other criteria she mentioned is that it needs to be ‘as humiliating as possible.’ I figure by game time tomorrow she’ll have me in some girly Miami Heat tank top, panties and tight shorts and all femmed up – though she also wants me to buy pink sippy cup which is kinda ominous I think when considering apparral. It’s tough being a Heat fan at the moment.
SG: O-M-G For reals??? <I almost busted a gut when she said that>
I didn’t feel like delving into the whole, OF COURSE FOR REALS thing with her since the Hunter S Thompson reference went over her head. It was apparent she didn’t have the mindset for this kind of perversion and I had to get back to work. Her name is Jennifer if you want to follow up with the little moron on this.
So we settled on this girly pink sports bra with lace around the top and spaghetti straps. I’m told it’s nice for layering according to the writing on the label and looks a lot like a preteen training bra in my opinion and a white bra which looks like an older girl’s training bra and has a little bow in the center of it.
Then I bought a pretty pink sippy cup.
I’ve attached all the toys, including binky in a seperate pic for you to giggle over and consider during my (HOPEFULLY) upcoming deep dive into depravity.
Game on 🙂
Now that made Me laugh! Game on, indeed.. Don’t forget to enter the Decorate your Dick Contest: NBA Finals Edition. And be sure to check out the goods for sale on Niteflirt.


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