Jun 20

Poppers Forced Intoxication Perfection


TinyTim called this afternoon. He was a little sad and a lot drunk. And he wanted a hardcore Poppers Forced Intoxication session to make him forget his name. He mused, “You’re the Floyd Mayweather of Poppers Forced Intoxication.” I agreed, naturally. He continued, “Is there anybody better to huff with than You?” I answered quickly and truthfully …

No. There is nobody better than Me at Forced Intoxication. It is virtually undisputed at this point that I am the best at all things forced intoxication, especially poppers. I produce nothing but the highest quality in forced intoxication and, at this point, that’s not even something that’s reasonably debatable.

But I loved hearing TinyTim’s desperation this afternoon. Normally, I don’t like My nap time intruded upon by you losers, but when My yahoo messenger dinged and I read TinyTim’s desperate pleas, I could hardly resist. TinyTim has gone back to work abroad and he was crying Me a river about missing the kid’s graduation and the now ex-wife ignoring his attempts to be involved from the other side of the world, (where he’s currently being an impossible faggot cocksucker.) And now he’s gay and really a woman and he doesn’t quite know what to do with himself … so he’s doing what I tell him to do. He’s getting high and drunk, dressing like a girl, and sucking every cock he can get his glossy lips around.  The destruction is beautiful and his repeated mewling whimpers of, “Please, I need You” are like My very own personal siren call – beckoning Me to crawl further inside his mind and wreck the ship of his life on the rocky shores of My dominion.

Please enjoy some of his pathetic YIM messages below. I’ll see you on Niteflirt. As always, it’s where I do what I do better than anyone else has ever done it.




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    • TinyTim on June 20, 2015 at 10:15 pm
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    It’s true. My life is a train wreck and yet I can not, nor want it to stop where Porsha is leading me. Make no mistake about it, she knows exactly where I am headed. I can’t stop, and I won’t stop. Soon my only movements will be what she commands

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