Jun 20

Findom Love Letters: his Addiction Deepens


TinyTim is getting in deep with Me. And I love it. His main aspiration in life at this point is to be a serious cocksucking sissy that gives Me all of his money. And this is why I’m the best findom out there. I skillfully fuck your mind without you knowing it and suddenly you’re in way over your head …

And you’ve lost both the desire and ability to escape. I make it My mission to crawl inside your head and mindfuck you in ways that your feeble mind can’t even conceive – until it’s too late. TinyTim is one small drop in My burgeoning bucket of destruction. And I’m a Greedy Bitch, so I won’t stop until I’ve got an ocean of destroyed souls that live to serve Me.

TinyTim has gone full-blown obsessed. He thinks about Me when he goes to bed and when he wakes up and with every breath he takes. I make him something greater than he has ever been. Funny … I remember when he thought he was in control in our relationship and that he could take Me or leave Me as he pleased.



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