Jun 28

Poppers Forced Intoxication mp3 Review: Poppers Pillow Talk


Hello, My little poppers forced intoxication sluts! I’ve been having soooooo much fun with you little poppers fools lately on Niteflirt. Recently, one of My favorite little poppers sluts, kimmy, was sufficiently inspired to write a review of one of My Poppers Forced Intoxication Fetish mp3s! And naturally I am proud to bring it to you right here, on the only findom and forced intoxication forum worth reading …

I inserted links, where appropriate, but the words are all little kimmy:

Here are my impressions as I listen to Poppers Pillow Talk. I have, ahem, a few of her MP3s, particularly poppers ones but this was the first pillow talk I purchased. I’m just going to react to what I’m hearing. Initially I was going question by question but took that out – buy the MP3.

Porsha in her opening sentence manages to sound nervous, devious and playful all at once. I get the impression her guard is dropped a bit and you get a peek at her true persona. She’s far more relaxed then when she’s working on a scripted MP3 like Hypnotic Huffing.

She mentions that she thinks about poppers a lot which makes me super nervous because she’s very, very bright. Recognizing the value of extending the “liminal” moment as she aptly puts it, where you’re right on the brink of cumming or not (poppers freaks know what’s meant here) and your mind is laid bare, probably gets her pretty wet and gets the poppers fiend extremely listen-y and open to all sorts of suggestions, which she discusses in depth later in the MP3.

Her knowledge of mental ‘real estate’ is spot on. She’ll reduce you to a point where you are in no shape to hold your ground and storm your defenses some deviant Attila the Degenerate intent on taking as much ground as she can get. Do ya think she’s gonna give any of it back? And that’s a turn on for me, right? I’m stoned, a little tipsy and have now just taken that first dreaded (because we all know what happens next) huff, and I am hers, wimpy bleating “no, Porsha no” after consuming the date rape drugs of my choice. Mercy? Count on none dumb ass.

She understands addiction in general, and has a doctorate in male addiction and particularly how to exploit and deepen it. What forever mystifies me is in my case is I want my perversions further “encouraged” even though I know the consequences. What’s up with that?

She knows that when in the thrall of poppers you’re a totally helpless bitch and that turns a domme like Porsha on a lot. It seems like poppers freaks such as myself tend to be a bit all over the map in the fetish department – so we’re like a perverted smorgasbord to her. And when our mind’s legs are no longer virginally, tightly crossed but chemically (pot, poppers, booze, whatever works) splayed open like the mental sluts we are, this is the ‘helplessness’ of which she speaks, she’ll pluck a deviant mental string of her choosing and play you like a fucking lute, planting subliminal seeds like some sordid Johnny Appleseed. After you ‘cum’ down you’re left with the foreboding that something has been placed in what’s left of your mind but you’re not sure what exactly, but you suddenly find yourself delving into glory hole porn. Why?

This is hard to convey to someone who doesn’t do poppers but in my case (I can’t speak for the poppers collective) I like/love/need the orgasm but I require the mind fuck. The absolute and total fucking she rains down on you around the second (when she truly starts to get you) call is uh amazing.

She absolutely gets what mental state you’re in for those ten or so minutes before the next dreaded “Huff baby huff” comes whispering down the line indicating that it’s time for her to romp in your head, consequences be damned. That simultaneously turns me on and terrifies me. Because she’s going to mold you in her image and, over time, you’re going to let her.

It’s a very fun MP3 if you want a glimpse of the manipulator you silly marionette. Buy it.

You heard it, boys … from the mouths of sluts! You can buy it HERE. And if you want to check out a list of ALL of My Poppers Forced Intoxication Fetish Audio offerings, you can do it HERE. Stay-tuned dummies! We’ve got a lot of depravity to cover in the next few days. This last weekend was fucking brutal for you. And I know you’ll want to be around while I reminisce about the destruction and count My money. xx

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