Jul 07

The Best Findom On Twitter


Anyone that has been involved in findom for any amount of time will tell you that there are roughly 50 Dommes on the entire internet that can really fuck you over. And as one of My new recent favorite piglets, who has been involved in findom for 10+ years said, “that’s a generous number.” And anyone that has ever darkened the door of findom on Twitter will tell you, there are about 5 findom accounts on Twitter worth reading mixed in with the accounts of about 97,889,945 welfare queens begging for $5 gift cards and $2.99 thongs from Amazon. To make matters worse, there are about 3 wallets hanging around over there among roughly 56,873 entitled and completely broke losers that try to trade retweets for attention. Twitter is basically the craigslist of findom, except that on craigslist you probably have a better chance of getting paid …

Twitter is absolutely the bottom of the fucking barrel when it comes to finding a findom that can get it done. And chances are, you are already aware of this. So Porsha, “why do you do Twitter?” you may ask. And the answer, My easy, little pig, is very simple. I LOVE TO TWEET! I do not Twitter to find a good paypig. I do not Twitter to promote Myself. I do not do Twitter for any other reason other than sheer enjoyment. And no, I will not follow people back and I definitely won’t fucking buy followers. (You idiots know I’m 100% legitimately invested in the truth.)

And it doesn’t really matter because 99% of the men that can afford to fuck around with Me definitely do NOT have time for Twitter. They’re all out earning money to give Me, usually at exceptionally stressful, high-paying jobs. They usually load up My Twitter page once a day to see My fabulous musings for a brief reprieve, but they definitely do NOT have time for Twitter. It matters even less now that I’ve trained all of you morons to pop in over here for the latest spellbinding fabulousness that drips from My pretty, little mouth. But even 99.9% of My tweets are better than anything that whoever you were paying before ever said. So I decided that I must enshrine My best tweets of the week for everyone that loves Me. Enjoy!

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    • j on November 14, 2015 at 11:44 pm
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    make me im not just gonna give you money

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