Jul 16

Niteflirt Findom Tributes | Princess Gets A New Purse!

PorshaAvi4WordpressStevie is a total fuckup, that much is true. He’s been whoring around the financial dommes of the internet for as long as anybody ever has, sticking his gross, little snout into anything he can find …

But you know Me. As long as you’ve got cash, I’m up to the task of taking it. And I’ve long been of the opinion that you collar something that you’re worried about running away and never coming back. Stevie will always come back to Me. He’s like the rest of you idiots that need someone to match both your intelligence and sexual depravity. That’s always good news for Me. We both know that you don’t last long with the uneducated, trailer-park princesses and welfare queens of the internet. Consequently, you always find your way back to My slaughterhouse; usually more grateful for My existence and all the more willing to pay tribute to the same.

Stevie is a piece of shit, but at least in My company he’s learning to be a happy and grateful piece of shit, rather than a miserable turd. It’s all about the spiritual transformation of serving something greater than yourself. Stevie is on his spiritual journey, albeit at the pace of terribly slow, short-bus riding, window-licking retard. And Stevie is into some seriously hardcore humiliation and financial slavery shit. I created Violent Finance with Stevie in mind and I definitely regard it as one of the most hardcore humiliation mp3s I’ve ever done.

Anyways, you guys know I don’t beg for gifts from Amazon and that you actually have to search for My Amazon wishlist to buy something. It’s not that I don’t like things from Amazon, it’s just that I pretty much have everything I want and firmly believe that cash is king. Sure, I always welcome Amazon gift cards to keep My account flush in case I want something new, but shopping with piglets is a rare treat indeed. And the other day, I just happened to be itching to do a little shopping. Stevie was around and I pointed out a new seatbelt bag from Harvey’s that caught My eye. Most of you that follow Me know that you guys have grown my seatbelt bag collection ten times over in the past two years.

I really dig the seatbelt bags because they’re indestructible, unique, and completely made in the USA with recycled materials. The seatbelt bags, wallets, and makeup bags you pigs have given Me over the years range in price from $50 to just under $300 per piece. The newest addition that Stevie just sent was around $150. I’ve come to really favor these bags for everyday use over and above the leather, luxury brand bags that I have in My collection. I usually reserve the luxury bags for when cooler weather rolls around and My look gravitates toward something less summery and significantly more dressed up. But the dog days of summer are here, so sun dresses and seatbelt bags are in My go-to rotation. Check out the new bag!




So, Stevie is on the verge of earning a nickname … finally. It only took him what? 2 years? I’m torn between calling him fat travels or stubby. With any luck, soon he’ll realize his lifetime goal and his fat ass will be on a plane, spread amongst two seats, and on his way to exposing international audiences to his fuckup existence. I’m all for personal growth!

I’ll see the rest of you fuckups on Niteflirt. As always, it’s where I do what I do better than anyone has ever done it.

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