Jul 16

Niteflirt Findom Tributes | Awesome Basketball Swag


By now, almost all of you morons know that I’m a huge NBA basketball fan and that the way to My heart is paved with courtside tickets. Everyone knows that basketball is an easy in and super likely to get Me to acknowledge your existence. And as the result of My passion, most of you have been converted to de facto Spurs fans. But what do you get the Princess that already has everything?

Well, you get Her everything all over again with lots of cash on top. But you also get Her things She didn’t know She wanted! One of My favorite, little munchkins on Niteflirt is also a huge basketball aficionado. And he’s been sending Me lots of super cool NBA basketball swag, which I absolutely love. As the result of his efforts, I’m becoming a bona fide collector of awesome basketball memorabilia and I LOVE IT! It’s fucking great! Last week he sent me a cache of autographed glossies to add to the collection. Pretty cool, huh?




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