Jul 20

Cucky 101 Comes Up Short |Pathetic Video Submission


101, much as it pleases Me to see that you’re living in a sad, little hovel with a bathtub fit for a small, homeless, Asian boy, THIS SUCKS. This is beyond terrible. What the fuck has happened to you? This isn’t even in the same universe as your previous efforts. Nobody wants to see your stupid, pasty, Jewish ass rolling around on the bathroom floor slapping yourself and tweaking your nipples – least of all Me. And perhaps you need to look up the fucking definitions of “humiliation” and “debasement.” While you should certainly be humiliated that you made this ridiculous monument to your own idiocy and inadequacy, nothing in this video turd bowl approaches submission or selflessness in My world.

To be clear, YOUR DEBT…

is for the love letter and the video of you nancing around like a faggot in lingerie while performing songs of My choosing. This is some sad, low-rent, shit stain in the toilet bowl of dim-witted video whores. Seriously, you used to be a first-rate cuck bitch – fit to call yourself one of God’s chosen people! But this? You’d have been humiliated to call yourself a submissive with a production like this!

I know you’ve cleaned up your act and given up the jesus juice, but fucking christ! This is awful! Not even one of those beggar girls from Twitter findom would count this trainwreck as a tribute. I know they’re small, but find your fucking balls and give your degenerate tendencies the showcase they deserve! I’m posting this as a guide of WHAT NOT TO DO! EVER!

And get rid of whatever retarded software you’re using to change your voice. Nobody wants to hear a submission from Alvin and The fucking Chipmunks. Really. This is a new low for you. You’re lucky that I’m giving you a chance to get it done correctly! Judging by this, it’s going to take a whole lot more.

Note: I know that you morons reading this are freaking the fuck out and screaming, “OMG! Where is the video?!?!?!?! I’M A FAG! HELP!” Don’t worry. Calm the fuck down. I uploaded it and it takes the site a while to convert the video so that it can be embedded and streamed elsewhere. I’m sure you’ll click furiously until such time that it’s available for your viewing pleasure.

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    • sisssy6749 on August 4, 2016 at 2:56 am
    • Reply

    Dear Mistress Porsha, this was indeed the video i referred to in my earlier comment to You and Your wonderful site. And yes, i noticed the high pitched voice as well as the fact that if this was a video that You requested, he should have done a better job and at least followed Your directions…

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