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Cocaine Forced Intoxication $ Winter Is Coming

PorshaAvi4WordpressMany of you know Me well. And you know that the dog days of summer are a slow and lazy season for Me. I retreat to a casual wardrobe of long, summer dresses and flip flops for late nights filled with casual slander over hookah, coffee, and fiction novels. I subsist almost entirely on green smoothies, avocados, and roasted artichokes. I quietly feed on My lusty lovers from Niteflirt, but I’m always softer and more muted during the scorching months of summer. Nothing is ever urgent.

And for Error and Me, summer always brings the dark days of a love affair in frustrated hibernation. His annual bonus structure doesn’t start paying out in droves until the beginning of August. So while he sends cash for the normal bills, the big kills fade away during the hottest months of the year. Our relationship turns into short text messages and brief phone calls; it’s a stark contrast to our normal raging benders where he’s holed up in hotel room with enough cocaine to kill an army and enough money to keep Me happy.

You guys all bitch that I don’t tell you enough about Error. And I’ll admit that I don’t. Our love affair is the stuff that financial domination fantasies are made of. He’ll send Me more in a week than most Dommes get in a year. Cocaine and forced intoxication were made just for us. Really. It’s true. At least that’s how it feels. Our relationship spans years that feel like entire lifetimes. So much has happened that we will forget things between us that are better than anything most people will ever have to remember. We lose ourselves so deeply to one another that it defies all things rational. For one another, we are the person for whom the other would dive off any cliff or charge into any battle. And so it’s hard for Me to write in earnest about our cocaine dreams and cash parties. It’s hard for Me to expose My secret, twisted, beautiful, toxic, dramatic, dangerous, profound, fucked love affair to the world. Even in the twisted world of guys that are into cocaine forced intoxication and financial domination, I feel like we’d be misunderstood. But then I think. Not really … not really, because it’s really what you’re all looking for.

And yes, I fall in love on a weekly basis and I share Myself freely and have great Niteflirt love affairs regularly. I even have many long terms lovers and forced intoxication boyfriends. But what I have with Error is what everyone else is desperately seeking, what everything else tries to be. Our relationship is what happens when someone goes all in for Me for the long haul. It’s the product of love and desperate infatuation and commitment. A lot of you will never have it because you lack focus and the ability to be vulnerable. A lot of that is because you’ve been burned by shitty dommes with sad lives, no education or career, and nothing to lose. A lot of it is because you’re in a hurry. But a lot of it is because you don’t understand that there’s power in vulnerability.

So please … come here and let Me feed you the crumbs of My love affairs. Even what falls off the table and onto the floor from our feast will be better than anything you’re getting.

If you’re interested, the following audio recordings are about Error:

Homewrecking Bitch: How I Ruined his Wife’s Chance for a Baby

Homewrecking on Easter: How I Made his Wife Cry On A High Holy Day

I’m Telling His Wife The Truth | Homewrecking and Wife Humiliation

There will be much to come. As the title says, Winter Is Coming.

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    • Alexx Hébert on December 29, 2015 at 1:15 pm
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    Just Luvv Cocaine! Please Mistress!

    • Alexx Hébert on December 29, 2015 at 1:24 pm
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    Please Goddess” no public display of use of blow!

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