Jul 27

Findom Love Letters $ The Best Domme On Niteflirt


Every now and then I get a lovely little sign from the world that I am The Best Domme on Niteflirt and that being The Ultimate Findom is exactly what I was always supposed to do. Today was one of those days. The stars and planets aligned in The House of Porsha and I got a golden opportunity to show some much-needed love to one of My own. And the beneficiary of My love and largesse was none other than the one who put Me on the map all those years ago, top dog!

Many of you already know that I have a life and a very serious professional career outside of all of this. It’s well known that one of the reasons I don’t splash slutty photos all over the internet in connection with My depraved, sexual hobbies is because, unlike the tragic findom mistakes you’ve dealt with before, I have a great deal to lose. And Porsha newbies are always thrilled to find out that maintaining My findom stable on Niteflirt is a hobby and a labor of love rather than My only option – forever reminding you that I don’t need you.

In any event, it’s no secret that on both sides of the screen I’m close friends with a lot of the right people. A great many professional and business opportunities are presented to Me for an opinion or connection. Interestingly enough I’ve become somewhat of an executive head hunter for a lot of people because I have a strong record of hooking up the right people with the right people.

Last night over dinner, one of My closest friends came to Me with a serious request for someone with a proven corporate sales track record in a particular sector that could grow a relatively new franchise while managing and coaching existing sales staff. On the table was significant salary compensation plus a percentage of ownership in the business. To boot, there were loads of perks on the table like complete control over a massive marketing budget for the purpose of throwing lavish parties and wining and dining the clientele.

There was only one person that came to My mind for this job and it was none other than top dog! In the beginning of 2012, I set out to own Niteflirt and establish Myself online as exactly what I am: The Best Domme On Niteflirt In The Game. But those early days were no joke and I had a great deal of proving and empire building to do. My first big score was top dog. He found Me almost immediately and I took something like 8 or 9 grand from him in two months. He almost single-handedly lifted Me from obscurity on Niteflirt to the ranks of power players overnight. I have always loved him and he has always loved Me. He even took a business trip down here last year and we met up for a date. It was pretty fantastic.

And though it’s been years since we were hot and heavy with one another, we’ve always remained in contact with a deep and abiding love. (Sometimes that’s how it goes.) So when I got home just after midnight last night, I rang up the top dog and left him a voicemail giving him the short end of things and telling him to call Me back. Naturally we got in touch this evening and I happily filled him in on all of the details and lined him up an introduction later this week with the gentleman on the other end of the deal. And truthfully, I’m so happy that this has come to be. Top Dog has long worked like a slave and been a top performer for a business that I am not particularly fond of. It’s been My opinion for a long time that, given his incredible performance, his compensation structure is abusive. And I’ve been vocal about encouraging him to seek out greener pastures. So I’m excited that I was able to deliver this opportunity for him and take care of one of My own. It is a dream job for him with the kind of compensation and title he’s always wanted and deserved.

He said, “I’m going to have to take you to a helluva dinner after this.”

And I responded, “Oh honey, I already have a place picked out!”

Go make Me proud, angel! You’ll never buy a client drinks out of your own coffers again!

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