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Where Can I Get A Picture of You? $ Slave Training Findom FAQ


Hey piglets! I’m finally getting around to establishing My findom FAQ section! And today we’re starting off with the most commonly asked question by submissive slut boys and paypig losers on Niteflirt! You all want to know: WHERE CAN I GET PICTURES OF YOU?

This question comes up pretty regularly with Porsha newbies and panting submissive losers on Niteflirt. After all, you maggots have grown up in a world that gives you a sense of entitlement when it comes to staring at a woman’s body. You fucking deserve to gaze upon My flesh! You deserve to have your jerkoff fantasies spring to life in your mind, so that there is at least one place in the world where you actually have a shot at touching Me! To boot, you losers are accustomed to the welfare queens and trailer park princesses of findom online. And we all know those busted bitches are so desperate that they practically pay you to look at naked pictures of their bodies. So it’s pretty fucking normal that, when confronted with the overwhelming success of A Brilliant Sex Goddess that doesn’t deal in skin shots, you idiots become a 21st-century Hellen Keller. You’re alone, crying, hopelessly confused, and throwing a screaming, rage fit upon encountering a world that you’re not equipped to comprehend while violently clicking through every link you can find in hopes of discovering the pervert’s Rosetta Stone that will surely tell you where the fuck you can check Me out, in the flesh. (You can see how the mindfuck starts early with Me, no?)

Now I’m going to be honest here and tell you that I have shared photos with some of My Niteflirt lovers. True story. It happens. Does it happen without significant involvement and a very high level of trust and comfort? FUCK NO.

And since you guys are already here to listen to Me discuss this matter fully, I will expound upon the reasons why (1) I do not generally provide photos of Myself and choose to represent Myself as you see on this site and on My Niteflirt listings, and (2) why I do not use stock photos of an XXX fetish model in lieu of photos of Myself. They are as follows:

1. You are entitled to your mask in the pursuit of satisfying your sexual needs and I am entitled to Mine. Like you, I have a life and a career that I do not wish to jeopardize. My mask affords Me the opportunity to share Myself with you and to be Myself in ways that would not otherwise be possible.

2. I do this on My terms, not yours. This is about My fantasy, not yours. To the extent that they coincide, you’re blessed. Now I understand that many of you feel great rage and righteous indignation at the fact that I engage in findom with extraordinary success and maintain a truly impressive operation without having to commodify My body. I suggest you file a complaint with someone that gives a shit.

3. I specialize in journeys of the mind. Tit pics and crotch shots will entertain you briefly. I’m looking to own you completely. And that happens in between your ears. So you should find it fitting that one of the most notable things about My Niteflirt listings is the absence of flesh. If you’re looking for skin shots, you have the entire internet of pornography – which is almost all free. I get paid a premium for what I do and it’s not because I offer something that you can get everywhere else for free.

4. I retain more power when I’m not exposed to you and it adds to the mindfuck.

5. I enjoy creating erotic art and think what I produce is second to none.

6. Unlike 99% of the listings on Niteflirt, I do not use photos of XXX fetish models because they are not Me and I prefer honesty to lies. It creates fertile ground for an epic and meaningful relationship.

In the spirit of full disclosure, there was at least once occasion where I offered photos of Myself to the public for a hefty fee. Sometimes I like to play on the risky side of things too. I wouldn’t bet on that opportunity coming around again, but if it does, My Niteflirt boys will be the first (and only) to know. Talk to you soon … you hope. xx

-Porsha Rajal

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    • simple pervert on February 18, 2016 at 1:16 am
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    This is one of the funniest, bitchiest, most finely crafted pieces of intellectual smut I have ever encountered online.

    1. *bows*
      Maybe you’re not such a simpleton after all! Or at the very least, you have good taste.

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