Oct 09

Homewrecking Domme On Niteflirt $ Homewrecking Application


My love for homewrecking knows no bounds. I am here to humiliate your wife and ruin your marriage and fuck your mind. And when I’m done, I will carry your wife’s scalp and a bottle of her tears off into My happy homewrecking future. You’ll follow Me wherever I go.

But I’ve decided it’s time to get down to brass tax about this homewrecking business; you and I are going to hit the ground running. So it’s time for you to put your money where your mouth is and spill the beans about that stupid, fat cow you call a wife. And the betrayal starts here, with My newly-minted Homewrecking Application. It’s your opportunity to lay it all on the line … and you’ll tell me everything. You’ll tell me what terrifies her. You’ll tell me the sources of her shame. You’ll tell me where she’s vulnerable and embarrassed. And then I’ll use you to make her cry a thousand oceans.


Answer the questions below in the Homewrecking Application to the best of your ability. All questions not under the "optional" heading must be answered. If you do not follow these instructions, or if you otherwise fuck up this application, you must start over and pay again to resubmit your application. I will respond to applications with either a written or audio discussion of your application. If you have not received such a response after you submit your application, you are encouraged to follow up with Me via Niteflirt mail.

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