Nov 06

From The Mouths of Paypig Losers … Love on Niteflirt


I’ve been so busy taking cash from you losers this week that I haven’t even had time to update you about the tremendous number of totally amazing, absolutely fucking crazy things that have happened. At this very moment, I’m about $200 shy of making 400% of My weekly Niteflirt earnings goal. So tonight I’m gaming for a new record. But someone sent a love letter after I took a bunch of his cash a few hours ago …


You may read his financial domination love letter by clicking to view the full image above or I have pasted the text below. He wrote:

“Thank you, Goddess Porsha for using me.  I can’t even leave feedback to show how much I deeply enjoyed your voice invading my mind because I’ve already left you three for the day.

Everything you said was so completely true, Goddess.  The dum-dum dommes walking around clueless thinking they’re the hottest cash princesses to wrap their purse strings around a man’s throat.  It only takes a few minutes to realize what a mistake I’ve made once I’ve seed or heard she can’t concoct a single, provocative, sentence to feed my eager ears.  I’ve just grown so, so, tired of it.  I had just about quit my wanderings all together – from Niteflirt and C***** (another site I perv around on with camgirls) to SL.  Then I found you, Goddess.  It feels…so…fucking…fitting to call you, “Goddess.”  Someone so above me.  I can hear it in your voice how you know you’re a Goddess…there’s not a flutter of disbelief in it.  Beautiful (I assume) and intelligent.    You’re not wondering what to say in silence over the phone.  Even the silent parts, you make me want to listen harder just to catch the sound of you breathing.  You confidently took your time and it didn’t matter when you didn’t speak.  You were paying attention.  You were interested in how your words and intentions affected me.  It didn’t feel like you were playing a role.  It felt like you got to release yourself in our call, and it was an incredibly refreshing to experience.

I assume from your time zone question to me you live half-way around the world since you said you hadn’t had your coffee yet.  Either that, or you just party too hard? I dunno.  Anyways, I live in Florida.  I’m utterly compelled to ask you this…do you own anyone real-time, Goddess?  You’re such a sexy, irresistible needle in an otherwise boring-ass haystack I can’t even stand it, I’ve gotta know.

I’ve been blown away by our call and thank you for letting me hear every delicious word, Goddess.



As always, I am available on Niteflirt. Good luck on making an outstanding first impression.


Porsha Rajal

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