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Cum Eating Instructions

Hey faggots! All of this cum isn’t going to eat itself, so get on your knees for the hottest cum-eating instruction audio online. I know you boys are hungry for some hot, sticky cum, so I’ve organized My collection of cum-eating instructions and forced bi audio mp3s for your humiliation and pleasure. Browse the complete collection of My Cum-Eating Instructions Audio and Forced Bi mp3s right here! All titles and links to My CEI mp3s are posted below.

Swallow A Load of Shame


I know it’s hard to believe, but there was a time before I realized that I didn’t have to suck cock. There was a time when I didn’t realize that I could dress you up and turn you out and then enslave you through humiliation. Thankfully, I had a spiritual awakening and I stepped into My power. I came to realize that I never had to suck cock again. For unto Me the heavens delivered a sea of latent homosexuals. An ocean of repressed faggots yearning to be set free. A bevy of bitch boys that would do My bidding. A cavalry of cocksuckers that could be used and abused to suit Me.
I know who you are. And I know all the things that you don’t talk about with your golfing buddies. I know that inside you is a faggoty, screaming cocksucker just waiting to get on his knees and swallow a hot load of shame. Don’t worry, My love, I’ll only use your secrets to bind you to Me forever.

Listen to Swallow A Load of Shame HERE!

Run Time: 6:01
Format: mp3 (Audio Only)
Audience: Forced Bi, Mind Games and Mental Bondage, Slave Training, Erotic Humiliation, Verbal Abuse, Small Penis Humililation (SPH), Sissy
Scale (1-10): Sensual(1) – Sadistic(10): 4
Scale (1-10): Manipulative(1) – Authoritative(10): 5


I Dare you mp3 – Cum Eating Instructions (CEI) and Mindfucking Games | Swallow That Spunk, Sissy


Porsha knows exactly how much you want to be pushed to swallow all of your hot, sticky cum just for Her. And in this mp3, your favorite Mindfucktress employs her sultry, sexy, cock-rocking voice to drive you to slurp up your sticky spunk. She sweet talks you into the unthinkable, using your pathetic weakness to give her ammunition to humiliate and mock you before trapping you like common prey. She’ll bend your mind and force you to open wide with Her very own brand of sweet sadism. Don’t worry, This Bitch has made plans for those of you that can’t hold up your end of the bargain. And She knows you’ll love every last minute of it.

Get I Dare you – Cum Eating Instructions CEI HERE!

Run Time: 7:19
Audience: Guided Masturbation (JOI,) Cum-Eating Instruction (CEI,) Humiliation, Guided Masturbation Tease, Sissy, Manipulation
Scale (1-10): Sensual(1) – Sadistic (10): 7/10
Scale (1-10): Manipulative(1) – Authoritative(10): 2/10


My Little Cum Dump – Hottest Cum-Eating Instructions Online | Cuckolding, Forced Bi, Cocksucking mp3


I know how you cock-hungry, little cumsluts dream of the day one of My boyfriends sprays ribbons of hot, sticky cum down your faggoty, little throats. Today is your lucky day because this mp3 features one of the hottest forced bi, cum eating instruction experiences that only Porsha could bring to life. The experience will be seared into your bitch brain with equal parts of sensuality and shame as Porsha’s bedroom voice lays out what it’s like to kneel before her and suck some grade-A, alpha cock only to have your little, soft cuck mouth flooded with a hot, heavy load. But hang on to your beta-boy cock, because This Bitch is going to have you really show off how much you love that spunk before letting you swallow that hot, white cum.

Get My Little Cum Dump – The Hottest Cum-Eating Instructions Online HERE!

Run Time: 8:05
Audience: Cum-Eating Instructions (CEI), Cuckolding, Forced Bi, Erotic Humiliation, Verbal Abuse (Mild)


Lick My Ass, Cucky mp3 –  Be My Beta Boy Analingus Addict!


Mistress Porsha rouses you from your cuckold cage after a good, hard fucking from a real man to use you as nature intended!  Your dicklet will dance as Porsha lays you out on the floor and smothers your face with Her angelic ass while bidding you to seek out and swallow Her lover’s seed with your tongue. And your Goddess Bitch offers up an extraordinary opportunity for Her cock-locked cuckold after that tasty treat.  Too bad you’ll fuck it up like you do everything else, loser.

Get Lick My Ass, Cucky HERE!

Length: 13:49


Cocksucking On Craigslist.mp3


I know you little pricks LOVE to get on Craigslist and be cumdumpsters for any big, butch man that will use you.  So I put together an outrageously hot and seductive mp3, replete with my sexiest Porsha Purr, to really get you ready to have hot ribbons of sticky, cum sprayed all over your cock-hungry, little pussy mouths!  Listen for over 10 minutes as I turn you little whores out to the first butch stud that shows up to your house – from the Craigslist ad to your humiliating outfit to sucking and swallowing the hot, sticky load of your dreams.  And of course I included some of my signature verbal abuse and humiliation for you losers to listen to while I whisper in your ear as you suck that big stud’s cock like your life depends on it.  There won’t be a dry hand in the house!

Listen to Cocksucking On Craigslist HERE!


Lick Up A Porsha Creampie.mp3


Hear your Vicious Cuckoldress purr and coo while affording you the most coveted cuck job of all – licking up a hot, fresh creampie left by someone that is more of a man than you’ll ever be.  In this recording, Porsha’s irresistibly sweet, seductive voice beckons you out from the closet after her lover has left a mess and makes your nastiest cuckold dreams come true by sitting on your face and using you as nature intended.  Easily one of the hottest cuckold audios available anywhere – you’ll find out why this Sweet, Sexy, Cruel Cuckoldress could make any mortal man her cum guzzling bitch boy, and why there’s a line a mile long to fill that position.  Enjoy, you little sissy bitch.

Listen to Lick Up A Porsha Creampie HERE!

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