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Buy Custom Fetish Audio from Porsha via NiteFlirt!

I know you dream of having your very own custom audio!  You want to hear Me whisper your name in your ear at night while you’re touching your little dicklet in bed, probably right next to that frigid wife of yours.  You wanna hear Porsha play and purr just for you? Perhaps a serious strokefest and wallet drain for your ears only?  Well here’s your chance, piglet.  I am taking custom audio requests and you can live the dream.

How Do I Order My Custom mp3?

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Click the “buy now” link and send payment along with your custom audio request.  Include any specific information you would like to hear in the audio file, (e.g., name, specific commands, scenes.)  If you have a script, you may email me your script via NiteFlirt.  Your custom audio mp3 will be mailed back to you via NiteFlirt as soon as possible and not later than 48 hours after you submit your request and payment.

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    • Anonymous on April 23, 2017 at 1:20 am
    • Reply

    How can an obsessive little pig soul speak with you outside of Niteflirt? I live in London.

    1. Niteflirt Only. xx

        • Christian on November 1, 2017 at 10:58 pm
        • Reply

        It’s me again. Not sure if you remember. She found out about my reaching out to you. Had phone and credit card records. I was honest with her. Being your admirer gives me more pleasure and purpose than she ever did. I’m plotting my way back to you and have never stopped holding you on the pedestal of perfection that you deserve.

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