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Extreme Verbal Humiliation and Abuse

Line up piglets, and worship at the altar of your Financial Domination Goddess, Porsha. Nobody delivers soul-crushing extreme verbal humiliation and abuse like your Favorite Ferocious Financial Domination Bitch, Mistress Porsha. The Ultimate Humiliatrix is second to none. And when Porsha struck out to turn Her sharp tongue into cold, hard cash, extreme verbal humiliation and abuse is where She first struck Her claim. Extreme verbal humiliation is Porsha’s mother tongue and you’re lucky to have the opportunity to experience This Goddess in Her most raw and virulent form. Don’t take this step lightly, you’ll never be the same. Porsha guarantees it.

Why Jesus Hates you


We both know that you sit there in your faggoty little button-up polo or that dumb golf shirt, with your frigid wife … nodding and smiling to the good pastor or priest or managing partner … praying to God that he doesn’t smell the **** on your breath! You little fucking loser. That’s the only prayer you know! And at the end of the day I am the holder of your secrets and your lust and desire and your filthy perversions … I know the truth. And of course Jesus does too. That’s why he hates your filthy ass. Even eternal love doesn’t love you, you stupid cocksucker. Jesus didn’t die for your filthy ass sins. You’re not worth saving.

Listen to Why Jesus Hates You HERE!

Run Time: 6:51
Format: mp3 (Audio Only)
Audience: Verbal Abuse, Extreme Verbal Humiliation, Wife Humiliation, Homewrecking, Religious Humiliation, Financial Domination, Bully Girls, Denial, Destruction, Mind Fuck, Mind Games, Mental Bondage, Submissive Humiliation
Scale (1-10): Sensual(1) – Sadistic(10): 10
Scale (1-10): Manipulative(1) – Authoritative(10): 10


VIOLENT FINANCE mp3 – Hardcore Verbal Humiliation, Verbal Abuse, Smoking, Spitting


The Butcheress Is Back!  In this long-awaited mp3, Porsha steps up to deliver more of Her signature hardcore, completely emasculating abuse and extreme verbal humiliation – proving that she is THE DOMME.  And Your Vicious Vixen really brings it in this top-notch wallet rape – smoking while she spits all over your pathetic, little face.  Porsha’s hardcore verbal humiliation and abuse would make the dick of a normal man shrink back into his body in fear, but She knows that you’re not normal.  True to form, This Merciless Cunt is profoundly abusive and deeply sadistic – cutting you to the quick at every turn.  Guaranteed to have your face hot with shame because your dick is dancing to the terrorizingly sweet horror of The Most Depraved Domme online.  Enter Porsha’s Bacon Factory at one of the most extreme points!



Mutilating your Self-Esteem| Porsha’s SPH and Extreme Verbal Humiliation Makes A Jerkoff Junky Loser Cry


You already know that nobody does extreme verbal humiliation and abuse like Princess Porsha. And in this mp3, This Bitch obliterates your self-esteem and explains exactly what a failure like you should do with his life. This offering is impossibly cruel and biting – with the innovation and quality you’ve come to expect from The Ultimate Bitch, Porsha Rajal. She brings the shame that you can’t resist. She will ensure that your face will turn red with shame when you realize what you just lost your tiny, little head over.

Run Time: 7:57
Audience: Small Penis Humiliation, SPH, Extreme Verbal Humiliation, Verbal Abuse, Mental Bondage, Mind Games, Submissive Humiliation, Shame
Scale (1-10): Sensual(1) – Sadistic (10): 8/10
Scale (1-10): Manipulative(1) – Authoritative(10): 10/10


CRUEL CUNT mp3 – Extreme Humiliation Audio


Porsha’s cabal of cruelty has always been built on the cornerstone of delivering first-rate, extreme verbal humiliation and abuse. And you’re guaranteed to get an embarrassing stiffy as Porsha exploits your inner loser in this latest addition. Princess Porsha is an undeniably cruel cunt in this installment and expertly bullies you to right where she wants you – laughing in your pathetic face all the way there. You’ll stroke and squirt as Porsha chastises you for jerking your tiny dick to her sensual teasing and abuse – proof positive for This Princess that you’re perfectly pitiful. Let’s see if you make it past the 3-minute mark, loser.

Run Time: 6:08
Audience: Verbal Abuse, Extreme Verbal Humiliation, Submissive Humiliation, Small Penis Humiliation, Financial Domination, Bully Girls

Listen to CRUEL CUNT Here!


Sad, Weak, and Enslaved – A Mindfuck Manifesto By The Most Hated Bitch In Findom


Porsha’s empire has been built upon delivering first-rate verbal abuse and extreme humiliation. This mp3 offering brings a new gem to Her delicious and depraved collection.  You’ll fall deeper into Her clutches as you listen to Porsha deliver another soul-crushing, mindfuck manifesto in a desperately, sweet and erotic bedroom voice. You will come again and again and again to the feet of This Cash Kitten for the sheer pleasure of being knocked on your ass by The Most Talented Bitch that has ever graced Niteflirt. Her words are poison and Her voice is intoxicating. You’ve never had a better time being told how and why you’re such a sad, sorry, stupid piece of shit. The Lady never yells, but Her words will cut you to the core, where it hurts the most. You’ll know why She’s called a Goddess and how She’s come to Her power.

Get Weak, Sad, and Enslaved HERE!

Run Time: 7:14
Format: mp3 (Audio Only)
Audience: Extreme Verbal Humiliation, Verbal Abuse, Mind Games and Mental Bondage, Wife Humiliation, Slave Training, Tease and Denial, Denial, Financial Domination, Submissive Humiliation
Scale (1-10): Sensual(1) – Sadistic(10): 7
Scale (1-10): Manipulative(1) – Authoritative(10): 9


Undeserving: Why you’re Still Worthless


And all of you gross, perverted, little fuckwits are the same. Highly educated and, generally, highly successful and excessively compensated corporate/finance/law whores. And every last one of you thinks that your success is proof positive of your strong moral character and impeccable work ethic. You little turds really do fully drink the WASP kool-aid handed out on Sundays at your painfully white churches. Yes, that’s right! You have worked hard and lived right and so, by God, you have a high-paying job, soft hands, a wife that conceals her disgust for you, a big home, and some mexican gardners that you call “groundskeepers” to make yourself feel better when you watch them drive home to a ghetto across town while wearing your “generously donated” golf shirts from last season.

You assholes lay your head on your pricey pillows at night believing you’re absolutely entitled to the fruits of your smarts and hard work!

YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS SHIT! That’s how completely delusional you are …

But here’s the truth of the matter, my simple, little, WASPy shitbag.

You don’t deserve any of it.

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Run Time: 8:29
Format: mp3 (Audio Only)
Audience: Verbal Abuse, Extreme Verbal Humiliation, Bully Girls, Submissive Humiliation
Scale (1-10): Sensual(1) – Sadistic(10): 7
Scale (1-10): Manipulative(1) – Authoritative(10): 8



Erotic Humiliation Audio

Porsha’s extreme verbal humiliation and abuse brings all the pigs to the pen. And so by popular demand, here is another first-person, extreme verbal humiliation and abuse jewel in Porsha’s twisted tiara. Listen to Porsha’s soft, sultry, cash kitten voice while she tells you what you are and what she wants.

Maybe you can try to make a game of proving Me wrong – but we both know that little pig nub of yours will betray you and stand at attention. You already know resistance is futile. Don’t forget to start collecting your wife’s tears – you might need to go get a few 5-gallon buckets.

Listen to Worthless HERE and Enjoy!



By popular demand, another amazing first-person extreme verbal humiliation and abuse audio by Mistress Porsha Rajal. You know there is no substitute for this cruel, sadistic Bitch.  Accordingly, all of you line up for hardcore verbal humiliation and abuse that you can’t find anywhere else.  Enjoy this little offering at your own risk – not for the faint of heart or hopelessly depressed losers out there.  Coming in at just over 4 minutes, this exceptionally cruel and sadistic rant by your favorite Bitch will leave you so emotionally low that you won’t be able to resist paying for redemption.

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Abusive and Unhinged

The word is out that nobody delivers extreme, soul-crushing, hardcore, verbal humiliation and abuse like your favorite Sadistic Bitch, Porsha!  And in this 5-minute audio recording, Porsha shatters her personal best and comes completely unhinged – delivering a bona fide psycho bitch rant that is guaranteed to leave you scared stiff.  You’ll be undeniably terrified and desperately wanting more.  100% Original. 100% Addictive. 100% Fantasy.

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7 Minutes In Hell

She can be so very cruel … Experience the original Porsha fantasy for yourself.  ”7 Minutes In Hell” is a full 7-minute tirade of first-person, extreme verbal humiliation and abuse by Princess Porsha.  In this audio recording, she doles out totally extreme verbal humiliation and abuse for those who need it.  Not for the pussies and cry babies, this audio recording will make you understand why Porsha gets paid to make boys cry.  And if you’ve been looking for a serious Domme Bitch to tell you what a lowly maggot you are, then this is the answer to your submissive dreams – guaranteed to give your tiny dicklet an instaboner and having you itching to call This Hot Humiliatrix for more.  Welcome to the rest of your life, bitch.

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    Scary as Hell!

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    WOW Again. i’m already addicted but tthe audio i just bought and listened show” Goddess is very politically savvy. Her political views are right on, hurtful , perfect and reasoned like a philosophy professor. She is a genius. politically aware, eloquent, extremely well read, and just better informed than any Main stream media personality on CNN, FOX, ans MSNBC

    Goddess Porsha is GOD

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