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Forced Intox Audio

Your favorite twisted and depraved Forced Intox Mistress has done the devil’s work – posing as a member of AA and seducing men in recovery to drink and do drugs.  In this recording, she’s come to Father Nathan, a young priest, for confession and guidance.  Listen for more than 20 minutes while Porsha spills the lurid and undeniably erotic details of hunting Dr. Ken in an AA meeting and dishing out her own brand of righteousness. She has made him pay for being the base pig that he really is and shows him that there is a higher power – and she won’t stop until he’s been brought to his knees.  A true destroyer of men, the mind and machinations your Vicious, Little Forced Intox Minx will scare you stiff!  If you’re looking for something that is so truly scandalous and evil that you won’t be able to forget it, then you’ve come to the right place.  Buy your front-row ticket to the symphony of destruction.


100% Original Artwork By Yours Truly. Set Includes 3 CG Images That Will Blow Your Mind and Have You Lusting for Your Princess to Pour Liquor Down Your Throat.  These Photos Are So Hot That They Make Me Want To Call Myself!  Don’t Settle for Fake Pictures Passed Around The Internet.  Get What You Really Want – The Hottest Forced Intox Fantasy Online, In Living Color.

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