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Porsha proudly produces the finest in Poppers Forced Intox Games and mp3s available online. All poppers forced intox audio mp3s are listed on this page and are available for sale on My Niteflirt listings. Join Porsha’s legendary following of forced intox poppers whores and find out why they’ll tell you that Porsha is the only game in town when it comes to Poppers. For your convenience, PTV links to Porsha’s entire Poppers Forced Intox mp3s (and descriptions of the same,) are listed below. If you’re interested in hearing about the destruction of Porsha’s Poppers pigs, check the blog posts at Porsha regularly chronicles Her use and abuse of little losers there.

Legal Disclaimer: All content provided is for entertainment purposes only. You are responsible for your actions. And I don’t give a fuck if you wreck your sad, little life. xx


Buy Poppers Panty Slut Forced Intox – Making a Sissy Huff HERE.

Read a poppers sissy slut’s review of Poppers Panty Slut HERE.

If you’re a poppers huffing, pink panty-loving sissy, sugar daddy bitch then this is where you get off! Listen as Porsha pulls out all the stops in this new masterpiece of forced intox seduction and twisted manipulation before she brings you to huff, pay, and squirt your way into oblivion. Porsha’s bedroom voice will bring you to the edge of desperation while she employs a hefty dose of poppers to push you right over. Enjoy the finest in forced intox online right here – 100% Original, 100% inimitable. Feel free to sample at

Run Time: 13:49
Audience: JOI, Guided Masturbation Tease, Forced Intox – Poppers, Financial Domination, Erotic Humiliation, Fetish – Satin, Fetish – Panties, Sissy, Addiction, Risk, Manipulation
Scale (1-10): Sensual(1) – Sadistic (10): 3/10
Scale (1-10): Manipulative(1) – Authoritative(10): 3/10



Buy Poppers Russian Roulette Forced Intox Game – Verbal Abuse and Humiliation Edition HERE!

Your Princess and Favorite Bossy Bitch has really outdone herself today, loser. She’s created the most demonic poppers forced intox game online so you can huff and jerk your brains out … literally. Today your Manipulative Minx is pulling out all the stops in an epic Poppers Forced Intox Game that is sure to stimulate ALL of your erogenous zones – including breath play, guided masturbation, financial domination, and the expert verbal abuse and humiliation that only Princess Porsha brings to the table. Sit back and drop out while Porsha commands you to become her mindless, huffing and wanking, zombie bitch in a way you never thought possible. You’ve come to expect the very best in poppers forced intox from This Bitch and today She’s created a brainwrecking masterpiece to pull you in and enslave you completely. But beware, piglet. This is the gift that keeps on giving … or taking, depending on which side of the fence you’re on.

And if you play the game 3 times or more, Porsha will award you with another mp3 of your choosing. But be advised that the smart money says you won’t make it past round 2 of your first game …

Run Time: 19:41 – Instructions Portion: 7:01 Game Portion: 12:39
Format: mp3 (Audio Only)
Audience: Addiction, Forced Intox, Forced Intox – Poppers, Breath Play, Guided Masturbation (JOI), Edging, Tease, Financial Domination, Erotic Humiliation, Verbal Abuse, Non-Consensual Play
Scale (1-10): Sensual(1) – Sadistic(10): 8
Scale (1-10): Manipulative(1) – Authoritative(10): 8


Buy The Poison Poppers Pill: your Training Begins HERE.

It’s hard to improve upon perfection, but that’s what Porsha does. Every. Fucking. Day. And the Queen of Poppers Forced Intox brings you a particularly special treat today, mixing Her love of making you dumb and vulnerable with Her incomparable ability to bring you to heel. Lay back while Porsha feeds you this very special Poison Poppers Pill and turns you into Her very own huffing, jerking, Pavlovian dog. Before you’re aware, Porsha will trap you and expertly tie your pleasure to making sure you do exactly as She commands in this erotic masterpiece of mind games and manipulation. You will do as you’re told. And while every dog has its day, you won’t be afforded the same pleasure … unless it’s what Porsha wants. The faint of heart need not apply – this Poison Poppers Pill is exclusively for the forced intox poppers pigs that crave verbal abuse, humiliation, denial, and a great high. You’ll get all the pleasure you can handle and twice the pain.

Run Time: 14:42
Format: mp3 (Audio Only)
Audience: Forced Intox – Poppers, Breath Play, Mind Games and Mental Bondage, Slave Training, Guided Masturbation and JOI, Edging, Tease and Denial, Erotic Humiliation, Verbal Abuse, Non-Consensual Play
Scale (1-10): Sensual(1) – Sadistic(10): 6
Scale (1-10): Manipulative(1) – Authoritative(10): 5



Buy Forced Intox Poppers Hypnosis mp3: Taking you Higher HERE.

Before I let you hold that bottle of liquid love up to your hungry, little nose, I need listen to Me and understand what it is that I’m doing here. You are always of service to something greater than yourself when you’re nipping at My heels. And for Me, you will blindly inhale, on cue, My toxic poison into you. You know it will render you completely vulnerable and drop you into your most basic state. It is one of your most humble and most real methods of ceding any power you may have squarely into My hands. The twin sisters of addiction and compulsive behavior ensure that you’ll do it again, and again, and again, and again.

And that is what I want you to understand. Before I let you hold My bottle up to your nose and huff. I want you to understand that it IS a sacrament in the truest sense; you are taking Me into you and it is bringing us closer. And right now, I just want to take you higher.

Run Time: 11:05
Format: mp3 (Audio Only)
Audience: Forced Intox, Forced Intox – Poppers, Brainwashing, Breath Play, Mind Games and Mental Bondage, Slave Training, Guided Masturbation and JOI, Erotic Hypnosis, Addiction
Scale (1-10): Sensual(1) – Sadistic(10): 2
Scale (1-10): Manipulative(1) – Authoritative(10): 3



Buy Stroke and Huff HERE.

Though I have a penchant for bourbon bitches and cocaine cowboys, I obviously love slapping around a poppers slut – especially one that’s trying to kick his addiction to sex and poppers! Line up, boys. Here’s your chance to hear Porsha seduce and manipulate you back into the habits you love and can’t live without. Listen while your Beautiful Pit Viper brings out her velvety-soft bedroom voice to remind you how good it feels to huff and stroke at Her command. With a bottle of poppers between her luscious tits and an appetite for destruction, this Manipulative Minx is going to fly you to the moon. Hope the drop doesn’t kill you.

Disclaimer: This content is for enjoyment only – My enjoyment. I sincerely hope to cause harm. Use at your own risk (and enjoyment.) *FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY*


Buy Poppers Pillow Talk HERE.

Read a poppers whore’s review of Poppers Pillow Talk HERE.

Why does Porsha get paid an exorbitant amount of money to talk to boys? Cause listening to Porsha is fucking mesmerizing, that’s why – and you’re about to find out first-hand! In this Poppers Pillow Talk mp3, Porsha explains what she loves about Poppers and tells you her extreme fantasies about forced intoxication, financial domination, castration, and strap-on play in a totally intimate and uncut format that will be the best foreplay you’ve had this year. It’s just Me, Myself, and I with a microphone – so pay up, huff up, and get up like you’ve never gotten up before.

Fetish Audio Run Time: 28:02


PoppersCBT Buy Tie Up and Huff HERE.

Tune in and huff your way to ecstasy while your favorite Mean Girl orders you to bind your cock and embark upon a journey to money and mind fuck heaven via a whole new jerk-off ritual designed to fill your balls (and My wallet) with a painfully-heavy load. Though I doubt many will make it to the end, there is a special treat for those that do. You know I love to spoil happy endings!

Fetish Audio Run Time: 12:56

Audience: Forced Intox, Poppers, JOI, Guided Masturbation, Light CBT, Tease and Denial, Orgasm Denial, Financial Domination


Huffing Hate

Buy Huffing Hate HERE.

Everyone knows that Porsha was first made (in)famous by Her unparalleled ability to force you to stand at attention while she delivers first-rate verbal abuse and humiliation that is uniquely designed to stick with you long after the strokefest. And here, by popular demand, Porsha combines Her love of hating your guts with with another favorite pastime – getting you incredibly stupid and high. So grab your favorite bottle of liquid love and huff your way to oblivion while Porsha tells you exactly who and what you are on the way to using you for all that you’re worth. Avoid this particular offering if you already suffer from low self-esteem or otherwise can’t handle a hot, violent, fast trip to the intersection of Fucking your Life and Leaving you for Dead. Because the more you listen, the deeper you’ll get – and This Princess is playing for keeps.

Fetish Audio Run Time: 7:18

Audience: Forced Intox, Poppers, Extreme Verbal Abuse, Erotic Humiliation, Tease and Denial, Orgasm Denial



Buy Poppers Hypno, Hypnotic Huffing HERE.

Strap in and get ready to drop out because Porsha is taking you on a serious popper-huffing, cock-rocking adventure that will melt your simple mind and claim your submissive soul. Bring your A-game and all the stamina you can muster because for over 17 minutes Porsha is going to command you to huff and jack your way to being Hers and Hers Only. Your favorite Brainy Bitch aims to completely enslave you by taking advantage of your love of Poppers and your addiction to stroking your cock while her velvety voice pours over the recesses of your mind like liquid gold.  She’ll allow you the ultimate pleasure of huffing and stroking, but only while she’s spoon feeds you a hypnotic and positively poisonous swan song that will have you begging for more, more, more.  Kneel and huff, if you dare.  From this point forward, all roads lead to Porsha.


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