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Jul 10

How To Cuckold A Beta Male – Chastity and Torture | Exposed | NiteFlirt Forced Intox Fetish Phonesex Audio


I know you little, cuckold losers are terribly excited to see another man’s cock while you jerk your own tiny worm.  Let’s hope you can calm down long enough to learn. This video is a lovely submission from one of my prized cucks that I’ve dubbed “cucky 101” or simply, “101.”  I call him “101” because if anyone is qualified to write a textbook about cuckolding, it’s him.  His submission and devotion are unwavering, as you can see. Here’s the full story, if you can control yourself long enough to read below the cut:

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Jul 09

What Do you Do If you Have a Small Cock? | Cuckold mp3

Cuckold Audio mp3 Analingus


What do you do if you have a small cock?  YOU LICK YOUR MISTRESS CLEAN, THAT’S WHAT!

And there’s nothing quite like cuckolding and chastity for This Bitch.  And today, your Goddess is answering your cuckold prayers with an erotic facesitting and analingus extravaganza.  Listen as Mistress Porsha rouses you from your cuckold cage after a good, hard fucking from a real man to use you as nature intended: A Beta-Boy Bidet! Your dicklet will definitely dance as Porsha lays you out on the floor and smothers your face with Her angelic ass while bidding you to seek out and swallow Her lover’s seed with your tongue. And your Goddess Bitch offers up an extraordinary opportunity for Her cock-locked cuckold after that tasty treat. Too bad you’ll fuck it up like you do everything else, loser.  Listen HERE.

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