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Oct 27

Above your Pay Grade | Niteflirt Phonesex BDSM Domme Forced Intox

Stay-tuned boys. I’ve only been quiet because I’ve been busy turning pigs into bacon. I’ll be posting updates and photos soon. Here’s a loser that wasn’t so lucky:

11:16:59 PM 

paypig123*: hello

11:17:19 PM
porsha.rajal: Hello

11:17:30 PM
paypig123*: I love your stuff.

11:18:21 PM
paypig123*: but all your images are animations. kind of strange for me to want that, as i am a pig at heart and lead by my…. you know…

11:19:07 PM
porsha.rajal: well if I wasn’t doing something different I’d be just like all the trailer park princesses and one-trick ponies crying “pay loser” to men that don’t even know they exist

11:19:55 PM
paypig123*: true. so should i reprogram my mind to like animations or what? how do i do this? your words are amazing, but images do the trick for me.

11:21:27 PM
porsha.rajal: My journey is one of the mind. As I have a great deal of success, I have no incentive to change what I’m doing, nor would I want to – because it is truly My vision. The only question is whether or not you’re going on a trip.

11:22:19 PM
paypig123*: i want to.

11:24:06 PM
porsha.rajal: I’m sure you do. Who could blame you? But here’s the thing … this is about My fantasy, not yours. To the extent that your fantasy coincides with Mine, I guess you’re blessed. And all of My fantasies start with you paying. So if you want to talk to Me, I suggest you start by talking with your wallet.

11:25:11 PM
paypig123*: can i get messed up?

11:33:34 PM
paypig123*: intoxed?

11:38:11 PM
paypig123*: do you encourage porn at least?

11:39:39 PM
porsha.rajal: I encourage everything that is unhealthy for you. Talk to Me again without wallet verifying and you’ll find yourself at the intersection of Fuck Off Place and I Ignore Broke Asses Drive.

11:40:23 PM
paypig123*: ok. can i make a small tribute to start?

11:40:51 PM  
porsha.rajal: Is there an echo in here?
11:41:04 PM  

paypig123*: how do i make one?
11:41:09 PM  

paypig123*: amazon?
11:43:08 PM  

porsha.rajal: Here
11:44:38 PM  
paypig123*: a little steep for a first tribute for me. can i get messed up first?
11:45:33 PM  

porsha.rajal: I recommend you pursue something in a more desperate galaxy. Thanks for your interest.
* – Names have been changed to deprive the insolvent.
  1. In Re Paypig, et. al. – In My experience, men that call themselves paypig and the like either fetishize money because they have very little or they’re already broken and battered. In either case, we’re not going to work out. In fact, the vast majority of the men that I allow proximity to Me aren’t really losers by anyone’s definition. But in the battle of Me v. Their Ability To Hold Onto Their Money, they will always be losers. And in the case of the latter, there’s no joy in destroying the stupid, broke, or weak. I prefer to prey on those that have something to lose.
  2. Be Charming – If you expect Me to want to have something to do with you then you should try your very best to be the kind of person with whom I would want to deal. This includes wallet verifying and approaching me with a modicum of respect. Simply put, I’m not interested in what I can do for you. I’m interested in what you can do for Me. If you are looking for someone to respond to your what-can-I-get mentality, I suggest that you too find something in a more desperate galaxy. It will never, ever happen with Me.

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