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Nov 27

Financial Slavery Domme $ Losers Drained Here

Man behind the glass

I’ve been breaking your heart, making your wife cry, humiliating you, and manipulating your stupid ass all the way to the bank. But don’t worry, I’m still hungry for MORE. My greed knows no bounds. But you already know this. And since I’ve been in quite the feeding frenzy lately, I want to show you …

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Nov 26

Pro-Domme Reviews $ Niteflirt Feedback

3d old bear trap on white

Everybody Loves Porsha! And everybody likes it when I post My Domme reviews from My piglets! This month has been AWESOME and all of My little maggots have left Me some awesome reviews and feedback on Niteflirt, so I wanted to post the latest …

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Nov 26

Mindfuck Mistress & Blackmail Bitch on Niteflirt


Okay morons, I don’t have a lot of time for bullshit right now. As you know, I’ve been raping and pillaging My stable of paypig losers all the livelong day. It is Wanksgiving, after all. But I do have a fucking few

Nov 25

Extreme Homewrecking Mistress $ She’s Going To Pay The Price



This is probably the worst thing I’ve done yet. It’s really bad. I am probably …

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Nov 24

Fuck you, Pay Me $ Niteflirt Money Mistress


Little under $2000.00 last week, but I did take most of the week to do things other than listen to you stupid, little fuckwits. Special people sent some gift cards that were well-received. I would post pictures right now, but I don’t feel like it and you’ll bring your stupid ass right back here tomorrow … so yeah. But anyways, we’ve got some important holiday stuff …

Nov 17

The Best FinDom Online $ Niteflirt Love


We all know I’m the best findom online! I don’t fucking pretend to take your money and make your wife cry. I pride Myself on giving you…

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Nov 16

Again … More Homewrecking and Financial Domination On Niteflirt

3d old bear trap on white

Hey Losers! It was another great fucking week in homewrecking and financial domination heaven. I did it again! Another $3000 week for…

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Nov 11

Crumbs for Losers … | Niteflirt Findom


You lackeys pay for every fucking thing I want or need, so I thought I’d show you some more stuff you paid for …

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Nov 11

Niteflirt Findom Goddess Tribute Roundup $ More Cash Money, Gifts


Yep! There are more fabulous findom tributes to brag about! My boys know how to pay, love, pay! So let’s continue checking out the evidence of My supremacy in all matters financial domination, forced intox, and homewrecking …

Nov 11

Niteflirt Findom Goddess Tribute Roundup $ Cash Money, Gifts


It’s been a while since I’ve shared My recent Goddess tributes from My precious stable of boyfriends, cucks, losers, and paypigs. Considering I get more in a week than your former, dumb, coin-operated whore domme gets all year, cataloging My scores can be quite a task. (Speaking of what I get in a week, the above was last week’s Cash Princess take-home from Niteflirt.) But there’s so much more …

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