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Dec 31

More Cocaine Forced Intox + Homewrecking



It’s been a big week for Me on the Cocaine Forced Intoxication front and it’s always where I do the most damage. If I am a Butcheress, My favorite cleaver is …

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Dec 29

Money Mistress Shopping Spree $ Queen of Financial Slavery

Portrait Of Lonely Depressed ManObviously I get whatever the fuck I want. This is undisputed. And while there are hundreds of thousands of dumb sluts online bucking to be a successful, hardcore Money Mistress, I am …

Dec 29

Cocaine Forced Intox $ Fetish Domme Destruction


We all know I’m the best Domme in forced intox online, but cocaine forced intoxication sessions hold a special place in My heart. They are the fires that burn brightest. (Well, not counting relapse!) And the Porsha Rajal, drinking, and cocaine trifecta of destruction is truly the ultimate destruction fetish experience for anyone looking to get …

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Dec 27

Findom Shopping Spree $ Cash Princess On Niteflirt

Sexual Problem, Man Erection Dysfunction

Most of you that follow Me on Twitter know that something quite traumatic happened earlier this week. But, what does a Bad Bitch Cash Princess do when someone tries to threaten Her way of life with violence? I’ll tell you what I did … I got up and put on My makeup and found love with those that adore Me. I refuse to skip a beat on Niteflirt with My pets. And I’ve decided that I’m ready to purge, clean, and prosper. 2016 is going to be a big year for This Cash Princess and I’ve got to make room for the new. Plus, I like retail therapy and I needed to get My tax deduction shopping done before the end of the year. So I did some damage on …

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Dec 25

Findom Tributes $ Clothes, Bras, and Panties!

Heart of banknote denominations of 100 dollars. Background with money american hundred dollar bills.The best part of findom is loads of cash, gifts, and presents. And a successful Financial Dominatrix like Myself lives …

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Dec 25

Money Mistress Tributes $ Submissives Fall In Line

Real-Live-Mistress-Domme-Phone-Chat-Relationship-Dating-Love-Niteflirt-007I love, love, love, love My Money Mistress Tributes! And I’m still cataloging My scores that started right after Thanksgiving. (It’s been a bloody holiday season for you little submissive mongrels in …

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Dec 15

The Best Drinking Games and Forced Intox Clips Online $ Almost Free


Yep … the best in alcohol Drinking Forced Intox Clips Online! And for a limited time, they’re practically free. As you boys know, I’ve been upgrading My Niteflirt Goody Bags. I wanted to create new, beautiful sales images for your jerkoff pleasure and add some free photo files and promotional clips…

Dec 15

Financial Domme Tributes $ Money Slavery On Niteflirt


One of the best parts of being one of the best and most successful Financial Dommes online is that I get pretty much whatever I want. Obviously I’m extraordinarily well-equipped to take care of Myself in the vanilla world without you losers, but I fucking love spending money. So unlike your wives and whatever trailer park barbie you were paying before, I get to constantly buy really, really, really, amazingly nice things. And most of you guys know that I’m super serious about My femininity game and that I fucking LOVE expensive makeup. My life coach says I should be nice and do professional makeup for busted bitches. But I totally had to tell her that there was no fucking way I was contaminating My brushes or My super expensive makeup stash with random bacteria or gross skin oil from random skanks. Occasionally I’ll go through My stash and give away things I’m not using to lesser women, but that is fucking rare. Anyways, you guys know I’ve had My eye on this $415 set of makeup brushes for a while now. Obviously, I got what I wanted. And again, I’m not about to turn this into some stupid makeup brush review. Instead, I’ll use it to illustrate a point about you idiots and why you hate your wives. So gather round, morons …

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Dec 15

Amazing Mistress Love Online $ Niteflirt


I’ve been going through My Niteflirt inbox to try to figure out where I left everyone before I ran off to 987,498 holiday events that started on Thanksgiving and show no sign of stopping. But I ran across this little perfect note, and it reminded Me …

Dec 15

The Best Homewrecking Domme Online $ Blackmail


The first reviews are in and My latest foray into Homewrecking and Blackmail is a hit! My boys don’t lie …

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