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Jan 09

Forced Bi Cumslut Sub Training $ Craigslist Cocksucker Audio Clip

Men's muscular abdomen - close-up - on black background


I know you little pricks LOVE to get on Craigslist and be cumdumpsters for any big, butch man that will use you.  So I put together an outrageously hot and seductive mp3, replete with my sexiest …

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Dec 28

Cocksucker Training mp3 $ Swallow A Load of Shame

Fit man in towel, isolated on white background

LISTEN to Swallow A Load of Shame $ Forced Bi, Cocksucker Sissy Training HERE!

I know it’s hard to believe, but there was a time before I realized that I didn’t have to suck cock. There was a time when I didn’t realize that I could dress you up and turn you out and then enslave you through humiliation. Thankfully, I had a spiritual awakening and I stepped into My power. I came to realize that I never had to suck cock again. For unto Me the heavens delivered a sea of latent homosexuals. An ocean of repressed faggots yearning to be set free. A bevy of bitch boys that would do My bidding. A cavalry of cocksuckers that could be used and abuse to suit Me …

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Aug 16

My New Cocaine Tranny Cocksucker


I’ve been wanting to show you guys My new little prize. This little tranny, cocksucker has become one of My favorite new toys on Niteflirt. Isn’t she just precious? I really do wish you could see her eyes … they’re haunting and so soulful. I’ve kept this little tranny, cocksucker slut fueled up on booze and cocaine. With any luck, we’ll turn this little tramp loose on an upscale Canadian resort this weekend, where she can suck cock to her little faggoty heart’s content. But that’s just the beginning …

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Mar 06

Exploitation, Sissification, and Forced Bi $ Photo Set

000Cvr-Porsha-Exploits-Vulnerable-Young-Man-And Turns-Him-Into-A-Girl-Cocksucker

The Sissy Maker – Porsha Exploits A Young Man Fallen On Hard Times and Turns Him Into A Cocksucking Sissy $ Photo Set

Meet My newest diabolical creation in a visually-stunning story line. (Seriously, these images are pristine and beautiful. They are nothing short of My finest work yet. You need these in your life as a matter of art!) And so the story goes …

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Aug 04

Cuckolding Audio Files and mp3s | Cuckolding Domme Phone Sex On Niteflirt


Hey My Little Cuckold Boyfriends and Lovers!

We both know I live to cuckold you little bitch boys and make fucking epic, awesomely sexy cuckolding audio porn! And we all know I’ve been in the process of organizing My fantastic library of femdom porn into easily-accessible, porntastic categories so all of you little cuckold perverts can find everything with great ease! Today I have organized My collection of most wonderful cuckolding audio files and mp3s for your convenience. I have posted them below and they will be permanently housed here, at The Home of My Cuckolding Audio Porn Collection. Peruse them at your leisure and enjoy! Don’t forget to click around and read all of the fabulous fetish blog posts that I have been writing for you little morons. LOVE!

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Jul 07

Forced Intoxication Poppers Review: Poppers Panty Slut mp3 on Niteflirt


To discuss My supremacy when it comes to Poppers Forced Intoxication would be to repeat the established facts. I am the undisputed Queen of Poppers Forced Intoxication and I defend My title each and every time I lay down a Poppers Forced Intoxication session for you silly fucks. I’m so brilliant that I inspire you little pleasure pigs to pick up a pen and write reviews. And we all know that getting you little morons to do anything other than play with your pricks is a feat. Here’s another one from kimmy …

Jun 23

Submissive Humiliation Line-up | Forced Intoxication on Niteflirt


You degenerate morons never cease to impress Me. And you started this week out on a particularly depraved note. But where you idiots are weak, I am strong – so I get whatever I want. But today was particularly hilarious, combining new losers with a trip down memory lane …

Jun 20

Findom Love Letters: his Addiction Deepens


TinyTim is getting in deep with Me. And I love it. His main aspiration in life at this point is to be a serious cocksucking sissy that gives Me all of his money. And this is why I’m the best findom out there. I skillfully fuck your mind without you knowing it and suddenly you’re in way over your head …

Jun 20

Poppers Forced Intoxication Perfection


TinyTim called this afternoon. He was a little sad and a lot drunk. And he wanted a hardcore Poppers Forced Intoxication session to make him forget his name. He mused, “You’re the Floyd Mayweather of Poppers Forced Intoxication.” I agreed, naturally. He continued, “Is there anybody better to huff with than You?” I answered quickly and truthfully …

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Jun 19

Happy Homewrecker: My First Divorce


Under My extraordinary guidance, one of My boys realized that he is really a she. And that she loves to suck cock and swallow hot loads. Naturally, I explained to TinyTim that the natural consequence of this revelation was that he needed to leave his boring, plain, uptight wife. And as you’ll see at the very bottom of this post …

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