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Financial Domination, Humiliation, Cuckolding, Forced Intox

Mistress Porsha Rajal is an all-American, lifestyle Dominatrix and Sadist – a professional dreamkiller and heartbreaker.  She has quickly emerged as a formidable financial dominatrix, humiliatrix, and forced intox mistress – always looking to expand her stables as an exceptionally cruel predator and manipulatrix of men.  Visit Miss Porsha’s NiteFlirt listing to call, book a session, or pay tribute.

Having learned the power of her siren calls and saccharine-sweet voice long before she was old enough to have boys calling her, a precocious, young Porsha carefully studied the finer points of manipulating the men in her life.  An aggressive and hungry student, Porsha earned several advanced degrees in the humanities and a professional doctorate before she was 25.  Achieving tremendous professional success in her chosen field in just a few, short years, she found herself searching for work that would simultaneously fill her bank account and creative soul.  In 2012, she struck out to offer publicly what had only been previously available to men in her immediate social sphere – titillating proximity to a bona fide Goddess Bitch that is acutely aware of her feminine power and the fruit it bears.  A single session will make you sufficiently aware of why Porsha has chosen to take your money with her honey voice and deliciously, twisted mind rather than outstrip your earning potential in the vanilla world of beige, corporate boxes.  She lives in color and relishes the taste of your pain.

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You probably have a lot of questions. I have attempted to answer the questions I get asked most often. If you want to submit your own question, you can send it to Me via Niteflirt mail. In the meantime, please feel free to explore the links below.   Where can I get pictures of You?

Forced Intox Trophies and FinDom Tributes

One little… Two little… Three little… Perfect examples of exactly what it means to put luxury on your body. pic.twitter.com/TD4Ebt4KmH — Porsha Rajal (@ForcedIntoxDiva) February 5, 2015 I might die from sheer joy when I open these up. pic.twitter.com/EfgSMnBK6j — Porsha Rajal (@ForcedIntoxDiva) February 5, 2015 This costs as much as liquid gold because it's …

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    • sisssy6749 on August 4, 2016 at 2:48 am
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    Dear Mistress Porsha,

    I was so lucky to stumble upon Your profile when I browsed Niteflirt. Even Your free audio samples drew me in and I couldn’t help but buy Your amazing ‘Poppers Intox Hypno: Taking you higher’ audio clip. It blew me away!
    I have never encountered such diabolical intelligence, articulately crafted language and raw dominating sexuality at once. Your Voice guided me, seduced me and enslaved me as You had me debase myself as a popper slut and planted triggers that now will not leave me alone. You took me higher, higher and higher, and then left me dangling, begging for release, needing more of You! Need I mention that the accompanying artwork is beautiful and remarkable? It was a truly earth shattering experience and You are a truly gifted Woman, Artist, Goddess.
    Mistress Porsha, Your Voice is now embedded in my feeble addicted brain, urging me to go deeper for You, darker and sluttier. You are crack cocaine for me, instant addiction…
    This then also made me understand why Your sub went to such lengths to humiliate himself for You on youtube. I watched in morbid fascination as this young man tormented his nipples, belted himself and begged for forgiveness. Fascination, fear, arousal!

    Dear Mistress Porsha, I humbly thank You for who You are and what You choose to share with us and I hope to call You soon.

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