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Nov 11

Niteflirt Findom Goddess Tribute Roundup $ More Cash Money, Gifts


Yep! There are more fabulous findom tributes to brag about! My boys know how to pay, love, pay! So let’s continue checking out the evidence of My supremacy in all matters financial domination, forced intox, and homewrecking …

Nov 11

Niteflirt Findom Goddess Tribute Roundup $ Cash Money, Gifts


It’s been a while since I’ve shared My recent Goddess tributes from My precious stable of boyfriends, cucks, losers, and paypigs. Considering I get more in a week than your former, dumb, coin-operated whore domme gets all year, cataloging My scores can be quite a task. (Speaking of what I get in a week, the above was last week’s Cash Princess take-home from Niteflirt.) But there’s so much more …

Nov 06

From The Mouths of Paypig Losers … Love on Niteflirt


I’ve been so busy taking cash from you losers this week that I haven’t even had time to update you about the tremendous number of totally amazing, absolutely fucking crazy things that have happened. At this very moment, I’m about $200 shy of making 400% of My weekly Niteflirt earnings goal. So tonight I’m gaming for a new record. But someone sent a love letter after I took a bunch of his cash a few hours ago …

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Oct 09

Homewrecking Domme On Niteflirt $ Homewrecking Application


My love for homewrecking knows no bounds. I am here to humiliate your wife and ruin your marriage and fuck your mind. And when I’m done, I will carry your wife’s scalp and a bottle of her tears off into My happy homewrecking future. You’ll follow Me wherever I go.

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Aug 04

Where Can I Get A Picture of You? $ Slave Training Findom FAQ


Hey piglets! I’m finally getting around to establishing My findom FAQ section! And today we’re starting off with the most commonly asked question by submissive slut boys and paypig losers on Niteflirt! You all want to know: WHERE CAN I GET PICTURES OF YOU?

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