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Tribute! Tribute! Tribute!  The life of a Professional Financial Dominatrix and Humiliatrix is a charmed one, to be sure.  I go get my nails and waxing done in the middle of the day while you pathetic losers are off making My money at some horrendous 9 to 5 cubicle farm. But lucky you … I’m here to give meaning and substance to your pathetic, worthless lives.  I’m the answer to your Money Mistress dreams and you desperately want the attention of This Epic FinDom Bitch. But we both know that the only thing that gets my attention is cold, hard cash and gifts.  So click, spend, and tribute until your little piggy hooves hurt.

Cash makes me wet, but gifts make me squeal and give me something to take pictures of for my website!  So here are my Amazon wishlist links for your itchy little pig hooves.

Send Amazon Gift Cards to

Pay Day for PrincessPorsha: Spoil The Finest Financial Dominatrix and Humiliatrix in your life properly!

Princess Pets: My dogs and cat are infinitely more important to Me than you’ll ever be! They eat before you do, bitch. (And you can ask any man that knows me, this is the way to My heart.)

Loser List ($25 and Under): You maggots are lucky because I’m a rarity in Financial Domination – I’m highly literate and actually enjoy reading books. You may have heard of them – paper with lots of words.  You can usually get them for under $25.  And this list exists so you can spoil me with a bunch of awesome things in smaller increments. And I <3 lip gloss!

Academic Pursuits: Because nothing is sexier than a smart woman (and I have broader interests than raping your cash cunt.)


    • Robert Cooper on February 25, 2013 at 8:03 pm
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    Do you take credit card numbers?

    1. Cash is My favorite treat and I take it exclusively via NiteFlirt. Of course, you’re welcome to send Amazon gift cards or send something from the wishlist. Obviously I like to blow your money there too.

      But I’m fairly certain that this matter is already abundantly clear, unless you’re very stupid. Perhaps you’re in need of some remedial reading classes to help with basic comprehension. There are plenty of dim-witted coin-operated girls online that will be tolerant of stupid questions and your need for creative financing. I am not one of them. This is not about your jerk-off fantasies; it’s about Mine. And all of My fantasies start with you paying (in the manner that I specify.)

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