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Nov 07

Deep Mindfuck Conditioning + Femdom Humiliation $ new mp3

Down the drain

Listen to The Brain Drain HERE!

I am aware that My old school humiliation junkies have felt neglected. Not that you deserve it, but this is for you. And I am proud to present: The Brain Drain…

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Jul 06

Extreme Verbal Humiliation and Abuse mp3s and Audio Porn on Niteflirt


Hey you stupid, little jerkoffs! I know you retarded, little maggots have been so so so so thirsty for more blogging goodness from Me.  And by now you know that thebaconfactory.com is the only thing worth reading when it comes to financial domination and forced intoxication. No, seriously, I’ll pay you if you can find something better!

Okay, so you’d sprout wings and start flying before I sent any cash your way, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m the undisputed Queen of making you little morons weak to pay and squeal. Tonight I’m feeling a little vicious, so I figured it was time to update some of My pages and show you some of My best work …

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