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May 09

Poppers Forced Intox Games: Russian Roulette Mindfuck mp3

Man With Bag Over Head Comitting Suicide

Okay dummies, I’ve been super busy on this side of the computer screen having a life, something you retards know nothing about. But never fear, The Queen of Poppers Forced Intox is back! And I do solemnly swear that I’m going to be getting you little poppers-huffing morons to blow your impossibly small brains out while the cash falls out of your wallets. First up is the re-release of My incomparable Poppers Russian Roulette Forced Intox Game, Verbal Abuse and Humiliation Edition. This set of poppers mp3s is almost free right now, but you maggots know that’s only for a very, very limited time. After that …

Aug 12

Why Do you Like Humiliation? Because you’re Worthless | New Erotic Humiliation Audio mp3 | NiteFlirt Phone Sex BDSM Domme

Erotic Humiliation Audio

Porsha’s verbal abuse and humiliation brings all the pigs to the pen. And so by popular demand, here is another first-person verbal abuse and humiliation jewel in Porsha’s twisted tiara. Listen to Porsha’s soft, sultry, cash kitten voice while she tells you what you are and what she wants.

Maybe you can try to make a game of proving Me wrong – but we both know that little pig nub of yours will betray you and stand at attention. You already know resistance is futile. Don’t forget to start collecting your wife’s tears – you might need to go get a few 5-gallon buckets. Listen HERE and Enjoy!

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