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May 09

Poppers Forced Intox Games: Russian Roulette Mindfuck mp3

Man With Bag Over Head Comitting Suicide

Okay dummies, I’ve been super busy on this side of the computer screen having a life, something you retards know nothing about. But never fear, The Queen of Poppers Forced Intox is back! And I do solemnly swear that I’m going to be getting you little poppers-huffing morons to blow your impossibly small brains out while the cash falls out of your wallets. First up is the re-release of My incomparable Poppers Russian Roulette Forced Intox Game, Verbal Abuse and Humiliation Edition. This set of poppers mp3s is almost free right now, but you maggots know that’s only for a very, very limited time. After that …

Jul 27

Findom Love Letters $ The Best Domme On Niteflirt


Every now and then I get a lovely little sign from the world that I am The Best Domme on Niteflirt and that being The Ultimate Findom is exactly what I was always supposed to do. Today was one of those days. The stars and planets aligned in The House of Porsha and I got a golden opportunity to show some much-needed love to one of My own. And the beneficiary of My love and largesse was none other than the one who put Me on the map all those years ago, top dog!