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Jan 04

Sissy CEI Humiliation $ Swallow That Spunk

Closeup Portrait Of Stressed Man Isolated On White Background

Listen to CEI/JOI Mind games: I Dare You HERE!

Porsha knows exactly how much you want to be pushed to swallow all of your hot, sticky cum just for Her. And in this mp3, your favorite Mindfucktress employs her sultry, sexy, cock-rocking …

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Dec 28

Cocksucker Training mp3 $ Swallow A Load of Shame

Fit man in towel, isolated on white background

LISTEN to Swallow A Load of Shame $ Forced Bi, Cocksucker Sissy Training HERE!

I know it’s hard to believe, but there was a time before I realized that I didn’t have to suck cock. There was a time when I didn’t realize that I could dress you up and turn you out and then enslave you through humiliation. Thankfully, I had a spiritual awakening and I stepped into My power. I came to realize that I never had to suck cock again. For unto Me the heavens delivered a sea of latent homosexuals. An ocean of repressed faggots yearning to be set free. A bevy of bitch boys that would do My bidding. A cavalry of cocksuckers that could be used and abuse to suit Me …

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Nov 07

Deep Mindfuck Conditioning + Femdom Humiliation $ new mp3

Down the drain

Listen to The Brain Drain HERE!

I am aware that My old school humiliation junkies have felt neglected. Not that you deserve it, but this is for you. And I am proud to present: The Brain Drain…

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Mar 04

Findom Photo Set $ Porsha Teaches Financial Domination 101



Porsha takes an aspiring, barely legal findom princess under Her wing for higher education and advanced slave training. Porsha convinces Her young charge to disrobe and present her nubile body to Porsha’s favorite victim and whipping boy. At the ready with a sharp, and unforgiving cane, Porsha stands by to …

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Jun 29

Homewrecking Tales: Error’s wife is a disgusting pig


So Error sent Me one of his many monthly installments. Last week it was to cover My cell phone bill. But I’m glad he popped up on My radar because it reminded Me that I have to tell you maggots about the latest, filthy truth concerning that gross pig he calls a wife. If you don’t have the background on Error already as a result of having checked out how I ruined his wife’s chance for a baby and how I made his wife cry on Easter, or generally having followed our misdeeds on Twitter, you’ll probably want to catch up. Error is the original #wifetears and inspiration for My deep love of Homewrecking! But what he told Me last week made My stomach churn and reminded Me why I hate that bitch so much in the first place …

Jun 20

Poppers Forced Intoxication Perfection


TinyTim called this afternoon. He was a little sad and a lot drunk. And he wanted a hardcore Poppers Forced Intoxication session to make him forget his name. He mused, “You’re the Floyd Mayweather of Poppers Forced Intoxication.” I agreed, naturally. He continued, “Is there anybody better to huff with than You?” I answered quickly and truthfully …

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Jun 19

Happy Homewrecker: My First Divorce


Under My extraordinary guidance, one of My boys realized that he is really a she. And that she loves to suck cock and swallow hot loads. Naturally, I explained to TinyTim that the natural consequence of this revelation was that he needed to leave his boring, plain, uptight wife. And as you’ll see at the very bottom of this post …

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Aug 06

The Best ForcedIntox Online | Niteflirt Poppers Forced Intox

Niteflirt Poppers Forced Intox

Click Image to View Full Size.

I’m the best forced intox experience online. Whether it’s cocaine, poppers, booze, or weed, I do it all and I do it better than anyone else out there. But there’s nothing I love more than things that feed My narcissism. And that’s one reason I treasure My Niteflirt feedback page – it’s a whole wall of men talking about the fact that I’m fucking amazing. Check out My main Niteflirt listing and buy something for your chance to be part of My world. Oh, and because I like My little wall of wonderful so much, I regularly run promotional offers for those that leave Me lovely words. Click through to read the whole post for details about current promotional offers.

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Aug 06

CEI and Mindfuck Games – I Dare you mp3 | Niteflirt Forced Intox Poppers

Hey boyfriends,

I know you guys get desperate for Me with all of the welfare queens running around here, but I’ve been busy making sun dresses look good. Rest easy, because I’m baaaaack, and jumping right into the deep end of driving you to manufacture the kind of shame you just can’t help but lose your head over.


Porsha knows exactly how much you want to be pushed to swallow all of your hot, sticky cum just for Her. And in this mp3, your favorite Mindfucktress employs her sultry, sexy, cock-rocking voice to drive you to slurp up your sticky spunk. She sweet talks you into the unthinkable, using your pathetic weakness to give her ammunition to humiliate and mock you before trapping you like common prey. She’ll bend your mind and force you to open wide with Her very own brand of sweet sadism. Don’t worry, This Bitch has made plans for those of you that can’t hold up your end of the bargain. And She knows you’ll love every last minute of it.

Run Time: 7:19
Audience: Guided Masturbation (JOI,) Cum-Eating Instruction (CEI,) Humiliation, Guided Masturbation Tease, Sissy, Manipulation
Scale (1-10): Sensual(1) – Sadistic (10): 7/10
Scale (1-10): Manipulative(1) – Authoritative(10): 2/10

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Aug 03

Tribute for Tits | Niteflirt Forced Intox Poppers


Don’t you wish it was what you thought it was? Loser.

Someone paid Me $50 to get to work on the website so we don’t have to look at pictures of kimmy’s little, tiny, fake titties anymore. Life doesn’t get any better than this. Here’s to looking forward to a week of new fetish mp3s and some quality content on thebaconfactory.com. I know I’m like an oasis in the desert for you fucktards that have been disappointed with the illiterate, welfare queens of Niteflirt for too long. I would tell you to stay tuned, but I already know you can’t stay away. xx

I highly recommend that you fill out your application. I make it My business to know the minds that I fuck, and this is your first step down the rabbit hole.

Apply for a Spot in Porsha’s Stables

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