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Porsha does the best Twitter in the Findom Fetish World. #findom #forcedintox #fetish #niteflirt #femdom

Jan 23

Findom Twitter Fun $ Mean Girl Meets The Proles

Sexual Problem, Man Erection Dysfunction

I know I promised My pets that I’d catalog the best of My Twitter Feed a while back when I posted here. But I got so busy taking your money with My Evil Mistress hijinks that I forgot to do anything other than shop. Not to worry, I still fully intend to catalog the best of My Twitter Findom and Forced Intox Fuckery on the best fetish blog around. I love My little home here at I like to think of it as a My online book about Me. So naturally, I love it.

What I do NOT love, however, is Wal-Mart. I fucking hate Wal-Mart. Now I know that most of these busted-barbie, online findom skanks think of Wal-Mart as a mecca where they can stockpile vile, cheap drugstore makeup and buy the latest lead-laden toys for their 4 already-below-average kids at prices that allow them to keep up with the double-wide payments. But I fucking hate Wal-Mart. It’s a giant box that consumes the losers of the world. So obviously I stay far, far away. But on New Year’s Eve, I was forced to go into the belly of the best …

Jul 07

The Best Findom On Twitter


Anyone that has been involved in findom for any amount of time will tell you that there are roughly 50 Dommes on the entire internet that can really fuck you over. And as one of My new recent favorite piglets, who has been involved in findom for 10+ years said, “that’s a generous number.” And anyone that has ever darkened the door of findom on Twitter will tell you, there are about 5 findom accounts on Twitter worth reading mixed in with the accounts of about 97,889,945 welfare queens begging for $5 gift cards and $2.99 thongs from Amazon. To make matters worse, there are about 3 wallets hanging around over there among roughly 56,873 entitled and completely broke losers that try to trade retweets for attention. Twitter is basically the craigslist of findom, except that on craigslist you probably have a better chance of getting paid …