Nov 11

Niteflirt Findom Goddess Tribute Roundup $ More Cash Money, Gifts


Yep! There are more fabulous findom tributes to brag about! My boys know how to pay, love, pay! So let’s continue checking out the evidence of My supremacy in all matters financial domination, forced intox, and homewrecking …

One of My favorite boyfriends and lovers, darling david sent some fabulous presents from My Amazon wishlist! He sent this lovely, desperately girly perfume that I love. It smells like cupcakes and glitter and the color pink! It’s already a big part of My fall favorites.


Darling david also sent Me this book from My Amazon wishlist, which I’m already loving. (It’s nice that I don’t have to watermark pictures of books. We all know the stupid dumb findom whores of the internet don’t steal pictures of books!)


But darling david really meant to send Me this book, so he fixed that mistake. And I’m super glad he did because this one has been high on My to-read list.


And fuckface moonshine, has been making an impressive showing as well. He really loves to pay, love, pay … with an emphasis on loving … and paying. That little degenerate is a fabulous poppers whore pay slut. And he has really been putting his wallet into it! He naturally sent a Sephora card, which everyone knows I love love love love.


And he sent Me these great new curlers for My hair while I was out a few Saturday nights ago. (Though I’m quite sure he doesn’t remember sending them.) I’m using them to experiment with loose curls for nights when I’m letting My flatiron rest. Aren’t they cool?



And My favorite professional water boy and butt slut sent a cache of shoes and goodies. Of course, flip-flop weather just ended so I already sent that moron a message to send more. But check out the first haul:







So yeah … lots of tributes and goodies. But as always, more is better.

So call Me on Niteflirt. xx

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