Nov 11

Crumbs for Losers … | Niteflirt Findom


You lackeys pay for every fucking thing I want or need, so I thought I’d show you some more stuff you paid for …

I got a new fabulous mug from Starbucks. Got that.


Needed some help battling the seasonal allergies, so I had this delivered from the Amazon slush fund.


And you guys remember last summer when Error got Me this new fridge? I still fucking love it. And I totally love to fill it with delicious, healthy groceries for ME! I’m pretty sure he wants to kill himself when he looks at this picture, seeing as how his wife’s only source of food is nasty, fast food, greasy burgers and chick-fil-a. But nonetheless, he’s always been supremely happy that I’ve taken his money to religiously make Myself healthier and stronger.


And I stocked up on more necessaries for general skincare and managing seasonal allergies. I mean, I could probably sell you guys My snot, but you already have trashy, desperate whores for that. Besides, I like keeping My voice (and soft skin!)


And of course I’m still stockpiling these because I don’t ever want to be like Error’s wife.


I’ll be taking your cash on Niteflirt! xx

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    • soleshine on November 13, 2015 at 6:17 am
    • Reply

    Hi Miss Porsha .. You might consider switching from Diet Coke to Diet Rite as it’s the only diet soda that contain aspartame. Wishing You a long healthy life filled with greed and exploitation.


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